Chapter 1291

Chapter 1291 The Two Options

“Mr. Mazer, it’s been a few days. What’s got you so worked up? Do you need me to brew you some herbal tea to calm down?”

Upon hearing the commotion, Elijah, accompanied by Dustin and Roselyn, descended the stairs at a leisurely pace.

Surveying the disarray in the clinic, Elijah furrowed his brow momentarily but quickly regained his composure.

“Well, well, Dr. Elijah, you finally decided to show up. I was starting to think you’d turned into a hermit!” Lenny quipped, his legs crossed and a smirk playing on his lips.

“Mr. Mazer, I can’t recall ever offending you. Your repeated disruptions here are hardly appropriate,” Elijah replied calmly.

“Dr. Elijah, if I’ve come here, it’s for medical treatment, naturally. Are you implying you don’t welcome a patient like me?” Lenny taunted.

“Mr. Mazer, if you’ve come for medical treatment, I’ll certainly welcome you. However, I’m afraid your intentions might not be solely related to your health,” Elijah said with a knowing look.

“Don’t waste time on meaningless chit-chat. Let’s talk about my treatment,” Lenny suddenly pulled up his shirt, revealing a festering wound on his abdomen. He pointed to the pus-filled area and continued, “Dr. Elijah, you promised that applying your medicine would heal me quickly. But look at it now—my wound hasn’t improved; it’s gotten worse. How do you explain this?”

“Mr. Mazer, I prescribed the Golden Wound Medicine specifically for external injuries. It should not worsen your condition. Perhaps there’s been a misunderstanding on your part?” Elijah replied calmly, aware that Mr. Mazer was intentionally causing trouble.

However, he couldn’t help but acknowledge that Mr. Mazer had gone to great lengths to inflict this infection upon himself.

“Misunderstanding? You were the one who dressed my wound, and I bought the medicine from your clinic. Now that there’s a problem, you want to deny responsibility? It’s not that easy!” Lenny retorted sharply.

“Mr. Mazer, what exactly do you want? Please stop beating around the bush and state your demands clearly,” Elijah said, his expression growing colder.

“Very well!” Lenny Mazer hopped down from the counter and raised two fingers, saying, “To resolve this matter, you have two options: either cure my injury, or compensate me for the damages caused by your clinic. It’s that simple.”

“Absurd!” Unable to contain herself any longer, Roselyn exclaimed, “Your injury is clearly self-inflicted, and now you want to blame our clinic for it? That’s despicable!”

“Oh, it’s Roselyn,” Lenny rubbed his chin, leering at her shamelessly. “It’s been a while, and you’ve grown even more enchanting, especially those beautiful legs. I wonder, Roselyn, do you have a boyfriend? How about letting me take you out for some fun?”

“Lenny! That’s crossing the line!” Elijah stood protectively in front of Roselyn, shielding her from his lecherous gaze.

His granddaughter was his bottom line; no one could harm her.

“Crossing the line?” Lenny chuckled and pointed to his injured abdomen, saying, “Dr. Elijah, your clinic’s greed has put me in this state. Isn’t that crossing the line enough?”

“Lenny! I know what you’re up to, but I’ve dedicated half my life to this clinic. I’ll never sell it to the likes of you. You might as well give up!” Elijah asserted firmly.

Upon hearing this, Lenny’s smile disappeared, and his gaze turned hostile. “Elijah, you’re really pushing your luck! Given your reputation as a healer, I’ve been patient, but if you don’t wise up soon, don’t blame me for resorting to more drastic measures.”

“What kind of measures are you implying? We won’t be bullied into submission!” Elijah’s tone was resolute.

“Submission? Hahaha… You might not have the ability for that,” Lenny sneered. “Furthermore, I have limited patience. It’s in your best interest not to provoke me further, because one day, your granddaughter might just vanish.”

“You—!” Elijah’s anger flared.

Scoundrels like him were capable of anything.

Their vile methods were endless, and there was no foolproof defense.

He had lived long enough and was unafraid of death, but what about his granddaughter? What about the disciples of the clinic?


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