Chapter 1292

Chapter 1292 Creating Chaos at Healwell

“Lenny! If you dare to cause trouble, be prepared for me to report you to the authorities!” Roselyn exclaimed, her tone sharp with hidden fear.

“Report to the authorities? Hahaha…” Upon hearing this, Lenny burst into laughter.

His group of henchmen behind him also laughed, wearing mocking expressions.

How could they dominate the streets of South City without some influential backing?

“Roselyn, Roselyn, you’re truly adorable. I’m starting to like you more and more,” Lenny said as he approached, biting into an apple. “Why don’t you tell me how you plan to report me to the authorities? I’m the victim here, harmed by the incompetence of your Healwell, worsening my injury. Do you think the constables will come to arrest me, the victim, or your Clinic?”

“You…” Roselyn was rendered speechless.

Though she knew that Lenny was deliberately causing a scene, they were in the wrong and lacked substantial evidence, leaving them no choice but to bear it silently.

“Lenny, you have quite the nerve, bullying my little sister like this,” a handsome man suddenly walked in.

The man was dressed in a suit, had a slick back hairstyle, and exuded an air of nobility, making him appear extraordinary.

“Big Brother?” Roselyn’s eyes brightened upon seeing him, and she quickly approached, her eyes filled with joy.

“Carlos, you finally came,” Elijah heaved a sigh of relief.

The newcomer was none other than his eldest disciple, Carlos Grantwood!

The Grantwood family in South City was one of the top-ranking prestigious families, wielding immense influence.

Ordinary thugs wouldn’t dare to act recklessly here.

“Master, little sister, are you both okay?” Carlos glanced around.

“Big Brother, we’re fine. It’s just that Lenny is truly despicable, repeatedly causing trouble at our Clinic and even threatening to destroy it,” Roselyn began to complain.

“Oh? He wants to destroy Healwell?” Carlos raised an eyebrow, and his sharp gaze turned towards Lenny. “Mr. Mazer, you’ve got some audacity! While I was away, you dared to create chaos at Healwell? Who gave you the courage?”

“Oh, so it’s the young Grantwood. Nice to meet you.” Lenny gave a half-hearted bow, feigning politeness.

“Don’t waste time with me! I’m asking you, why are you causing trouble here?” Carlos demanded.

“Carlos, you’re accusing me unjustly. I’m not causing trouble; Healwell is harming people. Look at me now, they’ve turned me into this!” Lenny retorted while lifting his shirt to reveal a festering wound on his abdomen. The wound was oozing pus, appearing as if it was on the verge of becoming gangrenous.

“Don’t try to deceive me with this act!” Carlos scowled. “I command you all to leave right now, or don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

“Carlos, you’re going too far! Do you know who stands behind me?” Lenny’s smile gradually faded.

“I don’t care who you are. If you’ve provoked our Grantwood family, you’ll face the consequences!” Carlos’ demeanor was fierce.

“Oh? Is that so?” Lenny sneered. “What if it’s one of the Eight Aristocratic Families of Stonia, the Stratford family?”

“The Stratford family?” As soon as this was mentioned, Carlos’ face instantly changed.


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