Chapter 1293

Chapter 1293 The Stratford Family

In Stonia, there were eight prominent noble families, and the Stratford family was one of them.

As a century-old clan, the Stratford family’s influence in Stonia was deeply rooted, and they possessed a substantial background.

Especially in the South City territory, they were considered unparalleled, reigning as the unchallenged rulers.

They were rightfully known as the overlords of South City!

Looking across the entire South City, only the Windsor family, another noble family, could rival the Stratford family.

As for the Grantwood family, though they were a prestigious clan, they were in an entirely different league compared to the likes of the Stratford family, a grand and powerful family.

So, upon hearing the name “Stratford family,” Carlos’ expression changed.

The arrogance he had displayed a moment ago completely vanished, replaced by apprehension and seriousness.

“Carlos, I know you come from a noble background, but there are certain matters you’d better not meddle in. Otherwise, once the Stratford family becomes angered, the consequences will be severe. You should think carefully,” Lenny said with a sneer.

He had thoroughly investigated Healwell’s background and knew that without a strong backing, he wouldn’t dare to act so recklessly.

“Lenny! Don’t try to impress me. With your status, how could you possibly have any connection with the Stratford family?” Carlos retorted sharply.

“The Stratford family operates openly and cherishes their reputation. There are some matters they can’t directly handle, so they leave it to us, the lower echelons,” Lenny said with a smirk. “Carlos, I have another piece of advice for you: don’t get involved in matters that don’t concern you, or you might end up in hot water.”

“How dare you! What kind of person are you to speak to me like this?!” Carlos couldn’t tolerate Lenny’s attitude.

“I may not be, but the Stratford family is. If you insist on meddling, you’ll bear the consequences,” Lenny said with a bizarre tone.

“Hmph! You think I’ll be afraid just because you mentioned the Stratford family? Let me tell you, Stonia is a place that upholds the law, and even the Stratford family can’t control everything!” Carlos exclaimed, his tone both fierce and fearful.

Everyone from Healwell watched in silence. As a prestigious clan, they couldn’t allow themselves to be intimidated by a group of hooligans.

“Is that so? While the Stratford family may not be able to control everything, can your Grantwood family?”

At this moment, a shrill voice suddenly echoed at the entrance.

Following the voice, a man in his middle years, dressed in fine clothing, with a disfigured face, a boozy nose, and a prominent mole the size of a soybean on his nose, entered with an air of arrogance.

The mole even had a few hairs growing on it, making it look rather comical.

“Oh! Isn’t this the steward from the Stratford family? How did you end up here?” Upon seeing the newcomer, Lenny hurriedly scampered over, wearing a fawning and obsequious expression.

The man with the unattractive appearance was none other than the steward of the Stratford family, Sebastian Stratford.

“Hmph! You’ve been dragging your feet with the job. It’s taken so long. If I hadn’t come, would you have been able to handle the situation?” Sebastian glanced disdainfully and seemed quite displeased.

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re absolutely right, Sebastian. You’re wise and capable, and I, a mere commoner, can’t compare to you in any way,” Lenny smoothly laid on the flattery.

Sebastian couldn’t help but beam with pleasure, and his whole demeanor appeared rather self-satisfied.

“Enough with the pleasantries! Let’s deal with the business at hand,” Sebastian waved his hand and shifted his gaze toward Carlos, his expression calm and collected. “Carlos, I heard your words just now, and it seems you’re dissatisfied with my Stratford family. Is that so?”

With these words, the attention of everyone present turned to Carlos.

Lenny and his gang looked smug, as if they were enjoying a show.

Meanwhile, the people from Healwell wore tense expressions, feeling uneasy.

Even though Carlos had power and influence, facing a behemoth like the Stratford family, they couldn’t hope for any advantages.


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