Chapter 1295

Chapter 1295 The Confidence


A sudden voice instantly drew everyone’s attention.

Countless pairs of eyes were fixed on Dustin.

“Young man! Where did you come from? Do you have the right to speak here?” Lenny’s gaze turned unfriendly.

“I’m a new doctor at Healwell,” Dustin said calmly. “You just said that as long as you’re healed, you won’t seek compensation. So, I want to give it a try.”

“Give it a try? Lenny sneered, looking at Dustin as if he were an idiot.

After all the commotion, it turned out to be a greenhorn who didn’t even understand the situation.

“Hey! It’s none of your business! My grandfather hasn’t spoken yet. Who are you to meddle with this issue?” Roselyn’s face turned cold.

She was full of pent-up anger and had finally found an outlet.

“You don’t want to compensate, right? Then the only option is to try to heal the injury. We have no other choice.” Dustin said calmly.

“Hmph! Who do you think you are? Just because you say you can heal, it means you can?” Roselyn’s tone was unfriendly.

A barefoot doctor from the countryside, where did he get the guts to show off at Healwell?

“Young man, you don’t know anything as a newcomer. This matter is not as simple as you think. Don’t meddle,” Carlos said.

Given Dustin’s age, he could only be an apprentice at Healwell.

In this situation, he didn’t even have the right to speak.

“What? Do you have a better solution?” Dustin asked in response.

“I…” Roselyn opened her mouth but couldn’t say a word.

Beside her, Carlos furrowed his brow, looking at Dustin with some hostility.

A mere apprentice dared to argue against him? He had quite the audacity!

“Young man, I admire your courage, but unfortunately, you can’t make decisions here. Whether you agree or not, it’s up to Dr. Elijah to decide,” Lenny said, his tone cold as he looked at Elijah.

“Elijah, don’t dawdle. Make a decision. Will you treat the injury or compensate?” Sebastian urged.

“Well…” Elijah frowned, his face looking somewhat troubled.

The situation was difficult to handle.

With Sebastian pushing from behind, even Carlos couldn’t help much.

The only choice was to heal Lenny’s injury.

It seemed easy but was actually extremely difficult.

This was the trap the other party had set.

“Elijah, it’s just a minor external injury. You don’t need to take action. I can handle it,” Dustin said again.

“Do you really have the confidence?” Carlos retorted. “Even I can’t heal this kind of injury. Who are you as a mere apprentice to make such bold claims?”

“Hmph! I think you have ulterior motives and want Healwell to suffer!” Roselyn was furious.

“This kid really doesn’t know his place. He’s just an apprentice, and yet he dares to speak out and give orders. He’s really audacious!” The apprentices from Healwell muttered and discussed among themselves.

Even a fool could see that Lenny and his group were intentionally causing trouble.

Now that they had agreed to the other party’s conditions, wouldn’t that be walking into a trap?

“Dustin, do you… really have a chance?” Elijah asked tentatively.

If it were an ordinary person, he wouldn’t believe it. However, Dustin’s previous performance had been astonishing, and he felt an inexplicable sense of trust.

“I can’t say I’m a hundred percent confident, but it’s about eighty to ninety percent,” Dustin nodded.

Since Lorenzo would be staying here for a while, Healwell couldn’t afford any problems.

“Good! Since Dr. Rhys is so confident, I’ll bet the entire Healwell on you. I trust you this time!” Elijah made a decision after hesitating.

When this statement came out, the whole scene was in an uproar.

“Grandfather! Have you gone mad? Do you really trust him? He’s just a swindler from the Balermo with no real abilities!” Roselyn was getting anxious.

“Master! Your decision will ruin Healwell!” Carlos was also very agitated.


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