Chapter 1296

Chapter 1296 The Black Sticky Substance

“It’s over, it’s over! Dr. Elijah is being deceived by this scoundrel!”

At this moment, Healwell was in an uproar.

No one expected that Elijah would be so confused, entrusting the fate of Healwell to an unknown person.

“Hahaha… Good!”

After a momentary shock, Lenny couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “Dr. Elijah indeed has great courage, so let’s seal the deal!”

He had gone to great lengths just for this moment.

Now, the prey had finally taken the bait.

“Interesting… Truly interesting.”

Sebastian grinned and his eyes carried a hint of amusement.

He originally thought it would take more effort to deal with Healwell, but it turned out to be so easy.

“Don’t get too anxious. I believe in Mr. Rhys’ medical skills. He shouldn’t disappoint us,” Elijah said seriously.

Dustin was proficient in mysterious arts, and he might actually be able to resolve the crisis.

“You believe in him, but we don’t!” Roselyn was becoming increasingly anxious.

“Master, there’s no need to take this risk. With me here, they won’t dare to cause trouble at Healwell!” Carlos advised.

“My mind is made up, you don’t need to say more,” Elijah replied without listening.


Frustrated, Roselyn stomped her foot but could only turn her gaze to Dustin, threatening, “Hey! I warn you not to mess around. If you harm Healwell, I won’t let you off!”

“Young lady, rest assured. If I can’t heal the injury, I’m willing to take full responsibility,” Dustin said calmly.

“Take responsibility? Can you afford it? Healwell is priceless. Even if you sold everything you had, you couldn’t buy a single brick or tile!” Roselyn was frustrated.

“That’s enough!”

Elijah raised his hand to stop her. “This decision is mine. Even if something goes wrong, it’s my responsibility, not Mr. Rhys’!”


Roselyn wanted to say something more but was stopped by Elijah.

Since he had made a decision, he couldn’t hesitate or be indecisive.

“Alright, stop the nonsense and heal the injury quickly.”

Lenny sat down in a chair, lifted his clothes, and revealed the festering wound, then sneered, “I’m warning you, if you can’t heal my injury, just hand Healwell over!”

“No problem.”

Dustin nodded and didn’t say much.

He turned around and began to search for herbs in the medicine cabinet.

Healwell had a complete variety of medicinal herbs, making it convenient for him to prepare the medicine.

“What is this guy trying to do? Is he planning to make medicine on the spot?”

“Hmph! He’s just being mysterious!”

Seeing Dustin’s actions, many people sneered.

Clearly, they didn’t believe in this stranger with an unknown background.

Dustin didn’t pay any attention to the curious gazes around him. He continued to make medicine in the pharmacy.

Half an hour later, a black, sticky substance was successfully concocted.

The appearance was ordinary, even ugly, resembling a fresh pile of dung.

“Hey! Kid, what is this? You’re not causing harm, are you?”

Seeing the black ointment, Lenny couldn’t help but feel uneasy. His wound was already very severe, and if it got infected again, it might be life-threatening.

“Don’t worry, your injury will be completely healed in half an hour,” Dustin said without hesitation. He directly applied the ointment to Lenny’s wound and then did a simple bandage.

“Healed in half an hour? Do you think you’re a god?” Roselyn said coldly.

“Hmph! Even my master can’t do it. Who do you think you are?” Carlos sneered.

“This level of injury would take three to five days to heal, even with Healwell’s best Golden Wound Medicine. Saying it can be healed in the time it takes for an incense stick to burn is simply nonsense!” Several physicians shook their heads, not believing at all.

“Hehe… With this piece of junk, if you can heal my injury, I’ll eat it while standing on my head!” Lenny sneered repeatedly.

Facing doubts and ridicule, Dustin ignored them completely. After applying the ointment, he sat down leisurely and drank tea.

The time comes quickly.

Lenny, who had been watching the time closely, suddenly stood up and grinned, “Kid! The time is up. I want to see if you’re just bluffing!”

With those words, he directly tore off the bandage around his waist.


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