Chapter 1297

Chapter 1297 Miraculous Medicine


In front of everyone’s gaze, Lenny violently tore off the bandage.

As the bandage came off, a black, dung-like ointment was revealed underneath.

The ointment covered the wound and looked somewhat disgusting.

“Hey, someone! Get me a basin of water to clean the wound!”

Lenny casually pointed at a physician, and his finger happened to point at Elmer, who was cowering in the corner.

“Me… me?”

Elmer pointed to himself, looking somewhat bewildered.

He had been silently observing, trying to avoid trouble, but he ended up being singled out.

“Nonsense! Do you want me to do it myself?” Lenny glared.

“Oh, oh…”

Elmer nodded repeatedly, not daring to say more. He immediately fetched a basin of water and even brought a towel.

“What are you dawdling for? Clean the wound for me. Be gentle, if you hurt me, I’ll break your legs!” Lenny threatened viciously.

After so many years in the underworld, it was easy to tell who was an easy target.


Elmer swallowed hard, dampened the towel, and started to carefully wipe the wound.

“Dr. Elijah, hurry up and prepare the transfer agreement. This way, we can save some time,” Lenny said sarcastically.

“Grandfather! You really shouldn’t have trusted this scammer. Your lifelong efforts will be ruined in his hands!” Roselyn was full of resentment.

With this decision, she couldn’t help but suspect whether her grandfather had become muddled.

“Kid! If you harm Healwell, I will never let you off!” Carlos threatened in a low voice.

Healwell was the prey he had set his sights on. Once Elijah retired in peace, this treasure trove with a reputation outside would become his property.

Now that someone had beaten him to it, he was naturally very unhappy.

“Mr. Rhys, it’s all up to you now.”

Elijah muttered to himself, looking quite nervous.

Although Dustin was proficient in mysterious arts, he couldn’t guarantee absolute success.

“Ah… I never thought that the reputation of Healwell for nearly a century would be destroyed by this kid.” Everyone looked gloomy and sighed.

To heal a rotting wound within that short time was completely wishful thinking.

Unless a deity descended to the mortal realm, it was simply impossible.

“Oh my God!”

At this moment, Elmer suddenly screamed.

His expression was as if he had seen a ghost.

The sudden commotion startled everyone.

“Why are you yelling?”

Lenny was so shocked that he shivered, and he kicked Elmer to the ground with one foot.

“The… the wound… the wound disappeared!”

Elmer pointed at Lenny’s belly, his whole body in shock.


Lenny lowered his head and was immediately stunned.

Because he shockingly discovered that the festering wound on his belly, which had been clearly visible before, had completely healed at this moment!

Even the scar was gone, leaving only a faint red mark.

It was fresh new flesh.

“What? The wound actually healed?!”

Seeing this, everyone was in an uproar.

They had all clearly seen Lenny’s wound, which was festering and oozing pus, and it looked terrifying.

Normally, it would take at least ten days to half a month to heal.

Even Healwell’s best Golden Wound Medicine would take three to five days to fully heal.

However, no one expected that the ointment concocted by Dustin would completely heal the wound within the short time it took for an incense stick to burn.

It was simply unbelievable!

This was no ordinary ointment; it was a miraculous healing elixir!

“How… how is this possible? It actually healed for real?”

Roselyn stared wide-eyed, her face full of disbelief.

“What is this kid’s background? How could he have such a miraculous medicine?”


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