Chapter 1298

Chapter 1298 Jade Dew Ointment

Carlos was also astonished and couldn’t believe his eyes.

They had initially thought that Dustin was just trying to show off and had no real skills.

However, they never expected that Dustin would use a mere ointment to completely turn the tide and resolve Healwell’s crisis.

It was truly astonishing.

“Very good… You did a great job!”

After a brief moment of astonishment, Elijah couldn’t help but applaud and laugh heartily, his joy evident.

He had just prepared himself for failure, but unexpectedly, Dustin had actually created a miracle.

It was truly eye-opening!

“Damn! How can this be happening? What happened to my wound?” Lenny kept touching his belly, looking somewhat panicked.

After going to such lengths to put on a show of a serious injury, if it failed this time, he would definitely face consequences when he returned.

“I never thought that there was such a miraculous medicine in the world. If we can get our hands on it, we’ll make a huge profit.” Sebastian squinted his eyes, wearing a contemplative expression.

As the steward of the Stratford family, he naturally had a certain level of intelligence.

Although he was a bit annoyed that his plan had been disrupted, he quickly realized a new business opportunity.

To heal a rotting wound within half an hour was unheard of.

This miraculous elixir had the potential to dominate the entire medical market in the Southern City once it became widely available!

The Stratford family could also use this opportunity to create new brilliance!

“The wound has already healed. Now, you can all leave.”

Dustin waved his hand, looking like he was chasing away flies.

“You little brat! How dare you ruin my plans? I’m going to kill you!” Seeing that his plan had failed, Lenny became furious and threatened to make a move.


At this moment, Sebastian suddenly moved forward and slapped Lenny in the face.


The crisp sound of a slap directly stunned Lenny.

The people around them also looked at each other in confusion.

What’s going on?

Weren’t the two of them on the same side? Why were they fighting each other?

“Sebastian? Why… why did you hit me?” Lenny covered his burning face and looked somewhat wronged.

“Hmph! You dare to disrespect Dr. Rhys, so I’m hitting you!” Sebastian glared at him fiercely.

“Dr. Rhys?”

Lenny’s face twisted in confusion as he looked around, not knowing what to do.

Wasn’t he just shouting and threatening earlier?

How did he suddenly change his tune?

He even called him “Dr. Rhys.”

It was ridiculous.

“What are you standing there for? Hurry up and apologize to Dr. Rhys, or I’ll break your legs!” Sebastian scolded him and raised his hand to give Lenny another slap.

Lenny was hit so hard that he was on the verge of tears. He couldn’t resist and could only walk up to Dustin, bowing and apologizing, “Mr… Dr. Rhys, I’m sorry.”

“Dr. Rhys, I’m really sorry. I didn’t discipline him properly. I hope you can forgive him.”

Sebastian walked up with a smile, bowing and apologizing, appearing very polite.

This strange behavior left the people of Healwell feeling bewildered.

As the steward of the Stratford family, Sebastian had always been arrogant and looked down on everyone.

Why had he suddenly become so polite?

“Sebastian, what do you mean by this?” Dustin sized him up.

Bearing gifts out of nowhere was either a sign of ulterior motives or a swindle.

“Dr. Rhys, may I ask what the name of the ointment you just used is?” Sebastian asked with a smile.

“Jade Dew Ointment,” Dustin replied calmly.

“What a great name!”

Sebastian gave him a thumbs-up and continued with a smile, “Dr. Rhys, we are very interested in your Jade Dew Ointment. I am willing to offer five million to buy the formula for your Jade Dew Ointment!”


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