Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304 – Emperor Pavilion Restaurant

“Great! It’s a deal!” Carlos was filled with enthusiasm.

The Grantwood family, although not as influential as the Torbys family in the field of medicine, was still a prominent presence in the southern city region. With a bit of effort, finding three top-quality medicinal herbs shouldn’t be too difficult.

“The day is getting late, how about we all have a meal together? It’s a good opportunity to welcome and entertain Mr. Dustin Rhys,” suddenly suggested Dr. Elijah.

“No problem! Today, I’ll host the dinner. Let’s go to the Emperor’s Pavilion!” Carlos declared grandiosely.

“The Emperor’s Pavilion?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the people from Healwell Clinic couldn’t help but brighten up, their excitement evident.

The Emperor’s Pavilion was the most famous restaurant in the southern city, typically catering to high-ranking officials and dignitaries. Ordinary people didn’t have the qualifications to enter.

To dine there, one not only needed money but also status and position; the threshold was extremely high.

What made the Emperor’s Pavilion even more renowned was a story that had been passed down through the generations. It was said that someone from the Forbidden City had dined there once, found the food exceptionally delicious, and even composed a poem in praise. Since then, the restaurant was renamed from Fulai Tower to the Emperor’s Pavilion.

This poem became the restaurant’s signature, and the story behind it spread far and wide.

For common folks, having the fortune to dine at the Emperor’s Pavilion was something they could boast about for a whole year.

As night fell, a few luxury cars pulled up at the entrance of the Emperor’s Pavilion.

As the car doors opened, Carlos led a group of people into the restaurant with a high and mighty demeanor.

Wherever they passed, greetings and salutations filled the air.

Anyone who saw them had to address Carlos as “Young Master.”

The grandeur of the scene was impressive, and it deepened the admiration of the young people, including Roselyn.

“The Emperor’s Pavilion is truly luxurious!”

“I never thought that in my lifetime, I’d have the chance to dine at the Emperor’s Pavilion. It’s incredible!”

“Thanks to our Big Brother’s generosity, or else where would we have this opportunity?” After entering the restaurant, the disciples from Healwell Clinic were wide-eyed, discussing excitedly.

They looked like country bumpkins who had just entered a magnificent palace.

“Dustin, what do you think? Are you completely awestruck?” Roselyn deliberately approached to Dustin Rhys and adopted a condescending expression. “For someone like you, a loser, you probably haven’t seen such a high-end restaurant before, right? Take your time and look around, take some photos. In the future, when you go out, you can brag about it. After all, you won’t have such an opportunity a second time. Cherish it, bumpkin.”

Hearing this, Dustin just chuckled and didn’t bother to respond.

This woman was actually flaunting her superiority in front of him. He didn’t know where she found the courage.

“Hey! Why are you laughing?” Roselyn was somewhat displeased. “Looking at you, I can tell you’re inexperienced. The Emperor’s Pavilion is the best restaurant in the southern city, a place even the emperor has visited. Only high-ranking officials and dignitaries can enter. If it weren’t for the fact that you’re benefiting from Big Brother, you would never set foot in this place in your entire life!”

“Whether the Emperor’s Pavilion is the best in the southern city, I’m not sure,” Dustin shook his head and calmly said, “I only remember that ten years ago, when I dined here with the emperor, it was called Fulai Tower, not the Emperor’s Pavilion.”


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