Chapter 1305

Chapter 1305- A Historical Poem

“What? You dined with the emperor?” Roselyn was first taken aback and then burst into mocking laughter. “I say, country bumpkin, do you have a problem with your brain? Just you? Dining with the emperor? Are you worthy? Even my Big Brother doesn’t have that qualification. Who do you think you are?”

A shabbily dressed country bumpkin like him actually claimed to know the emperor. He was truly shameless!

“Believe it or not, it’s up to you,” Dustin shrugged and didn’t argue further. There was no point in talking to someone like her who had such a narrow view.

“Humph! I just thought you lacked awareness and didn’t have gentlemanly manners, but now you’re boasting. I really don’t understand why my grandfather values you,” Roselyn said disdainfully.

As a member of the Grantwood family, she naturally had an innate sense of superiority when dealing with outsiders from rural areas.

“We’re here, this is it!” At this moment, Carlos, who was leading the way, suddenly stopped and pointed to a hanging scroll in the air.

The scroll was quite large, framed with a golden border, and hung prominently in the most visible spot. You could see it just by looking up.

At this moment, the scroll had several lines of calligraphy written on it.

The handwriting was vigorous and powerful, with a majestic brushstroke and a unique artistic conception. It was clearly written by a master calligrapher.

“Big Brother, is what’s written on it a poem?” Roselyn raised her head, curious.

Although she didn’t understand calligraphy, she could tell that the characters were beautifully written, pleasing to the eye, and truly remarkable.

“Yes, it’s a poem!” Carlos smiled and nodded. “I believe you’ve all heard the rumors about the Emperor’s Pavilion. About ten years ago, the emperor visited the Emperor’s Pavilion and, after three rounds of drinking, he was in high spirits and composed this poem you see before you!”

“Oh my god! I didn’t expect the rumors to be true! There’s actually a poem written by the emperor here. This is amazing!”

“No wonder it’s called the Emperor’s Pavilion. It truly lives up to its reputation!”

The doctors from Healwell clinic were staring intently at the poem. They were all excited. For ordinary people like them, witnessing the talents of the emperor was a great honor.

“Hmm… Strange. Why does the poem have two surnames as the author?” Suddenly, someone asked.

“You hit the nail on the head with that question,” Carlos said with an air of knowledge. “Indeed, this poem was composed by the emperor, but the person who physically wrote it was another prominent figure. That’s why there are two surnames on the inscription. Of course, it also signifies that the emperor holds this person in high regard.”

“That’s incredible! Someone could co-sign a poem with the emperor? That’s amazing!” The crowd marveled.

“To have the emperor value them so highly, this person must be a royal, right?” Roselyn was filled with admiration.

“Sister, you guessed wrong.” Carlos smiled and shook his head. “This person is not a royal, but their status is even higher than that of a royal.”

“Oh? Who is this person then?” Roselyn grew even more curious.

“To be honest, this person is none other than the Crown Prince of the Western Liang Palace, the world-renowned Kirin Child from ten years ago, Lord Logan Rhys!” Carlos announced loudly.

“What? The Kirin Child, Logan?!”

As soon as this statement was made, the whole room erupted.

The name Logan resonated like thunder, and even though ten years had passed, his past glory still remained deeply ingrained in people’s hearts.

Ten years ago was an era of exceptional talents and prodigies.

However, Logan Rhys had single-handedly suppressed all the young geniuses, dominating Stonia with unparalleled power and becoming famous throughout the world!

He had shone brilliantly in that era, standing head and shoulders above the rest.

Since then, no one had come close to matching Logan’s accomplishments.

Whether they were nobles, aristocrats, or elite talents, none could compare with him!


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