Chapter 1306

Chapter 1306 – A New Challenge

“I didn’t expect that the calligraphy on this paper was by Logan. No wonder he was able to write poetry on behalf of the emperor.”

“The emperor’s poem with Logan’s calligraphy, it’s no wonder that Emperor’s Pavilion is so famous! It’s well-deserved.”

“Indeed, it’s Logan, the Kirin Child. His calligraphy at the age of fifteen is already comparable to that of the great calligraphers. It’s truly worth a fortune!”

As they looked at the poem in the air, everyone couldn’t help but be amazed. At this moment, they understood why Emperor’s Pavilion had such a high threshold. With such a priceless treasure on display, a high threshold was only natural.

“I heard that the Kirin Child is not only extraordinarily talented but also exceptionally handsome. He is well-versed in the classics and contemporary knowledge. It would be wonderful if we had the chance to meet him!”

Roselyn cupped her face with her hands, her eyes filled with admiration.

Although Carlos was outstanding, compared to Logan, he was hardly worth mentioning.

Whether it was family background, personal abilities, or looks, Logan had reached the pinnacle in almost every aspect.

He was a near-perfect man, the dream lover of countless girls.

In the past, she had fantasized more than once about how wonderful it would be to marry Logan.

“Before West-Seated Mountain, white egrets fly; Peach blossoms and flowing water make carp thrive. With a green bamboo hat, and a green straw coat, I wander with the slanting wind and fine rain, with no need to return.”

“Great poem! Truly a great poem!”

“The poem is great, and the calligraphy is even better. He’s truly the unparalleled genius of his time!”

“Dr. Elijah’s praise is well-deserved. The handwriting on this paper is still a bit immature,” Dustin said as he looked up at the poem, his memories seemingly drifting back to ten years ago.

“Hey! What nonsense are you talking about?” When she heard this, Roselyn was instantly displeased. “Who do you think you are? How dare you speak nonsense about the Kirin Child’s calligraphy? You have quite the audacity!”

After all, Logan was her idol, a sacred and inviolable figure in her eyes.

“That’s right! The Kirin Child’s calligraphy is worth a fortune, but what about you? People would find it uncomfortable if you wiped their backsides!” Elmer chimed in.

While the others didn’t say anything, they all had strange looks on their faces.

The characters of the Kirin Child had been verified by time long ago. Many calligraphers came to admire them and were deeply impressed after seeing them. To have characters admired by various calligraphy experts, but to call them immature when spoken by Dustin – wasn’t that too arrogant?

“I was just speaking the truth. Why are you all so worked up?” Dustin said with some frustration.

Compared to now, it was true that the characters he had written ten years ago might seem a bit immature. What was the big deal?

“I just told the truth? I think you’re just talking nonsense!” Roselyn couldn’t contain her anger. “You clearly know nothing, yet you’re shamelessly giving your opinion and pretending to be an expert. People like you are truly despicable!”

“Humph! I think someone here is just envious and jealous, so they’re trying to defame the Kirin Child’s characters!” Elmer sneered.

“Mr. Dustin, be careful with your words. If what you said today spreads, it could lead to big trouble,” Carlos warned.

Damn it, is this guy out of his mind? He dares to belittle the Kirin Child’s characters in Emperor’s Pavilion? Is he seeking death?

“Mr. Dustin! Since you’re so confident, and you think the Kirin Child’s characters aren’t good enough, then go ahead and write a new set of characters based on this poem. I want to see just how capable you are!” Roselyn glared with anger.


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