Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308 – Roselyn College Friend

“Grandfather, although I’m known as a talented woman at school, it doesn’t mean I can easily outshine everyone. After all, Stonia is a place where talents gather,” Roselyn replied confidently.

“Granddaughter, don’t talk like that,” Elijah frowned slightly.

“Master, my junior sister is exceptionally talented, and I believe she will do well in this competition,” Carlos chimed in with a smile.

“See? Even senior brother believes in me. I’m determined to win the first place in today’s competition!” Roselyn said with even more pride.

Dr. Elijah shook his head, somewhat helpless. He knew that her arrogance might get her into trouble one day.

“It’s about time; let’s head upstairs,” Carlos suggested, leading the group to the second floor.

Compared to the dazzling splendor of the ground floor, the second floor had an even more elegant and refined atmosphere. Every decoration and detail was meticulously arranged, creating a flawless ambiance.

Upstairs at Emperor’s Pavilion, a gathering of dignitaries and elites could be seen. These individuals were accompanied by one or two young talents, showcasing their sophistication and literary prowess.

The Emperor’s Pavilion’s cultural event, held every three months, consistently attracted a large number of returning guests. It served as an excellent marketing strategy.

Guided by Carlos, the group found their reserved seats.

“Ah! Isn’t this our talented lady, Roselyn?” Suddenly, a teasing female voice resounded from nearby.

Everyone turned their heads to see an alluring woman approaching with a swaying gait. By her side, there was a fair-skinned young man.

The young man wore a long robe and exuded an air of scholarly refinement.

“Hazel Lancaster? What are you doing here?”

Upon seeing the woman, Roselyn couldn’t help but furrow her brow. Her previous smile disappeared, replaced by a more composed expression.

“Since my family, the Lancaster family, in South City has some reputation, what’s so surprising about dining at Emperor’s Pavilion? As for you, coming from a small and insignificant background, it’s surprising that you could even enter Emperor’s Pavilion,” Yin Tao said, her lips curling in a mocking smile as she looked Roselyn up and down.

“How I got in is none of your business! You’re just flaunting your wealth, nothing impressive about that,” Roselyn retorted with a proud stance.

This woman before her was not just a fellow student but also her romantic rival. During their four years in college, Hazel had consistently used her money and looks to outshine Roselyn. She had even openly stolen Roselyn’s boyfriends more than once. This had left Roselyn with deep-seated resentment.

“Sorry, but having money is indeed impressive,” Hazel said, shrugging her shoulders with a sly smile. “Take Emperor’s Pavilion, for example. I can come here anytime I want, but what about you? You can only be here because you’re riding on someone else’s coattails. That’s the difference. Oh, by the way, take some photos when you have the chance and post them on social media. Cherish this rare opportunity. After all, for someone like you, getting in here is like a miracle.”

“You…!” Roselyn’s face turned red with anger and frustration.

Why did these words sound so familiar?


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