Chapter 1309

Chapter 1309 – A Unwanted Bet

“Miss Hazel, that’s a bit too much,” Carlos finally spoke. “Roselyn is my junior sister, and it’s not proper to speak like this.”

“Oh? So Mr. Carlos is here too? What a coincidence,” Hazel feigned surprise and then continued with a mocking tone. “No wonder Roselyn has the privilege to enter Emperor’s Pavilion. It turns out she has you to protect her. But I find it a bit strange, Carlos, as a young master from a prestigious family, how could your taste be so poor as to choose someone as ordinary as her?”

“Hey! Who are you calling ordinary?” Upon hearing this, Roselyn immediately flared up, wanting to confront her physically but was held back by her companions.

The Grantwood family’s influence was not weaker than the Lancaster family’s and might even be stronger. If they fought and it got back to the Lancestor family, even Carlos might not be able to protect them.

“Whoever I’m talking about is the one I’m talking about. What are you going to do about it?” Hazel sneered, her eyes filled with provocation.

She enjoyed seeing Roselyn frustrated but powerless to do anything about it.

“You… You’re going too far!” Roselyn was seething with anger and wanted to respond with harsh words, but Carlos raised his hand to stop her. “Miss Hazel, please let it go. We came here to have a meal and don’t want any trouble. I hope you’ll show some restraint.”

“Fine, I’ll let her off for your sake, Carlos.”

Hazel glanced at Roselyn, her smile faint. “By the way, the Emperor’s Pavilion seems to be hosting a cultural event later. Since you fancy yourself so knowledgeable and talented, I hope you won’t embarrass yourself.”

“Hmph! Embarrass myself? That’s a joke!” Roselyn retorted coldly. “When it comes to poetry and literature, even if you combine ten of you, you still won’t be my match!”

“Oh? Is that so?” Hazel chuckled teasingly. “Since you’re so confident, how about a little competition?”

“Competition? I’m not afraid of you!” Roselyn said confidently.

In terms of family background and wealth, she might concede to Hazel. But when it came to talent, she believed she could easily outshine her.

“Alright, let’s have a competition. And to make it more interesting, how about a bet?” Hazel taunted.

“What do you want to bet?” Roselyn raised her head.

“You don’t have anything valuable on you either. So, how about this? Let’s bet your family’s Healwell Clinic,” Hazel said with a shocking proposal. “If you lose, you give Healwell Clinic to me. If I lose, I’ll give you one billion. What do you say?”

“Bet Healwell Clinic?” Roselyn furrowed her brow slightly in response to this unexpected suggestion.

It was clear that Hazel had ulterior motives.

“With the valuation of your Healwell Clinic, it’s probably worth less than one billion. But I’m a generous person, I won’t haggle with you. The real question is, do you dare to bet? If you don’t, you better avoid me when you see me in the future,” Hazel asked with a smirk.

“What do I have to fear? Let’s make the bet!” Roselyn was provoked and readily agreed.

“Roselyn, don’t be reckless!” Dr. Elijah’s expression changed, and he hurriedly intervened. “Healwell Clinic is of paramount importance; it’s not something to be used as a bet! Even if we gamble some money, it’s one thing, but to gamble our entire business is too reckless!”

“What’s there to worry about, Grandpa? I’m confident I can win against her. She’s practically giving us money!” Roselyn was brimming with self-assurance.

“But money isn’t earned that easily. Using the entire Healwell Clinic as a bet is too risky!” Elijah cautioned, his voice filled with concern.

“Why can’t it be? I’m absolutely certain I’ll win, Grandpa. As long as I have the confidence, this is a golden opportunity, and we can’t let it slip away!” Roselyn insisted firmly.


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