Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310 – Bet Healwell Clinic

“Healwell Clinic’s income is actually quite low. We either don’t charge poor patients or only ask for a nominal fee for medicinal herbs,” Roselyn explained. “Our reputation has grown, but we’re not making much money from our own people. One billion is something we’d never earn in our lifetime. It’s worth the risk.”

“Things are never absolute, and I absolutely won’t allow you to use Healwell Clinic as a gamble!” Dr. Elijah maintained his stancd.

“Grandpa! Why won’t you believe me?” Roselyn was getting agitated. “Before, when those hooligans were causing trouble, you were willing to stake Healwell Clinic for the sake of our people, and even for Dustin Rhys! Why is it that you’d rather trust a stranger and not me? Why?!”

She almost shouted the last sentence.

“Child, before it was a last resort. Now, it’s you being reckless. You need to understand the difference between the two,” Elijah tried to explain, his brows furrowing.

“I don’t care! I don’t care!” Roselyn was not listening and her emotions were running high. “Why should Dustin be worth risking Healwell Clinic for, and I’m not? If you don’t believe me today, I’ll cut ties with you!”

“You…” Dr. Elijah was growing frustrated.

He felt a mixture of anger and helplessness.

Why did this girl have to be so stubborn?

To prove a point, she was willing to risk everything they had?

“Master, although my junior sister is impulsive, what she says makes sense,” Carlos spoke up, supporting Roselyn. “I’m familiar with Hazel; she doesn’t have an ounce of ink in her, and in terms of poetry and talent, she’s nowhere near my junior sister. I believe in her; she will definitely win!”

“Yes, Master! Everyone acknowledges Junior Sister as a talented poetess, and she’s unparalleled in writing poems. She’ll easily outperform this rich girl!” Elmer chimed in.

“Master! Wealth comes with risks, and if we can win this billion, we can help even more patients at Healwell Clinic. It would be a great act of merit!” The disciples continued to persuade him.

“Well…” Under the unanimous voice of his disciples, Elijah couldn’t help but waver. Now that he was in this situation, if he refused his granddaughter, she might do something reckless in her impulsivity. On the other hand, if he agreed and won the bet, he could solve many problems for Healwell Clinic.

For a moment, Dr. Elijah found it difficult to make a decision.

“Master, please agree. I’m willing to vouch for Junior Sister!” Carlos further played his part to convince him.

“Well… Since you all insist, then let the girl be willful this time,” Elijah eventually nodded, but added sternly, “But this is a one-time exception, it won’t happen again!”

“No problem,” Carlos agreed.

“Thank you, Grandpa!” Roselyn beamed with gratitude.

“Hehe… I thought you wouldn’t dare to bet. But you surprised me. Unfortunately, you’re destined to lose,” Hazel smirked.

“Lose? Hmph! What a joke! I know exactly how much you’re worth. With your limited talent, you’re not even worthy to carry my shoes!” Roselyn sneered.

During their four years in university, she didn’t dare claim to know everything about Hazel, but she knew her very well. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that even her footprints were prettier than Hazel’s handwriting.

“If you’re that confident, let’s just wait and see. I only hope you won’t regret it later,” Hazel smiled mysteriously, then sat down at a nearby elegant table with the man beside her.

After a while, the cultural event held by the Emperor’s Palace began.


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