Chapter 1311

Chapter 1311: Winning Treasure
“Esteemed guests, ladies and gentlemen, good evening,” a plump middle-aged man with a friendly smile stepped onto the stage after the cultural event began. He bowed respectfully to the audience in all directions.

He was impeccable in his manners, showing no signs of negligence.

“My name is Kaizen, and I am the manager here. I would like to thank all of you for gracing us with your presence at the Emperor’s Palace.”

The manager smiled as he continued, “Tonight, it is once again time for our monthly cultural exchange. Our generous host has specifically selected a precious item from the Treasure Pavilion, which will serve as the highlight for tonight’s event. Our purpose is, of course, to promote camaraderie through culture. There is no need for competition, only discussions on literature and the arts.”

“Manager Kaizen, what exactly is the treasure prepared by your generous host? Please don’t keep us waiting!” a man suddenly exclaimed.

“Yes! We came all this way for this event. Don’t let us down,” many others chimed in.

“Please be patient, everyone. I will have the treasure brought out for you to see shortly.”

The manager slightly bowed and signaled to two people nearby.

The two individuals understood the gesture and soon brought out a rectangular wooden box.

The wooden box was half a meter wide and one and a half meters long, made entirely of golden-threaded nanmu wood.

Just the box itself was quite valuable, not to mention the treasure inside.

Under the gaze of the crowd, the chubby man slowly opened the wooden box, revealing a framed painting inside.

The painting depicted a woman in palace attire, sitting in a pavilion while admiring the snowy landscape outside.

The woman had a slender figure and an otherworldly temperament, although only half of her face was visible.

She was breathtakingly beautiful and possessed an alluring charm, as if she could enchant souls.

With her exquisite beauty and the pristine snowy scene as a backdrop, the two elements complemented each other perfectly, creating a breathtaking masterpiece.

“It’s so beautiful!”

As soon as the audience saw the painting, the venue fell silent.

Regardless of gender, everyone was deeply moved by the artwork.

At a glance, it wasn’t just about beauty; it also conveyed an indescribable sense of artistic depth and meaning.

The more they looked at it, the more enchanting and heart-stirring the painting became.

“I never thought that there could be such an unparalleled beauty in the world,” Carlos was utterly mesmerized, and his eyes seemed to gleam with fascination. He might not be one to lose his senses over beauty, but in the face of such a breathtaking woman, he couldn’t help but be captivated.

“Could you imagine marrying a woman like that? I’d willingly give up ten years of my life!” Elmer couldn’t help but swallow repeatedly.

The other disciples from the Healwell medical center were equally enchanted. None of them had expected a painting to hold such a bewitching power.

“Hmph! There’s no way there can be such a perfect woman in the world. She must be a creation of the artist!” Roselyn was filled with jealousy. Although she was confident in her own appearance, when compared to the woman in the painting, she couldn’t help but feel a pang of inferiority.

“Manager Kaizen, what’s the background of this painting? Who is the beauty depicted in it?” A man suddenly asked.

“To be honest, this painting is the work of Master Felix and is titled ‘Portrait of a Beauty,’” the manager explained.

“What? This is actually a painting by Master Felix?”

“Master Felix? Is he the literary and artistic genius known for excelling in both poetry and painting?”

“That’s right! Master Felix is hailed as a contemporary literary immortal and a master of the arts. Every one of his paintings is a priceless treasure!”

The revelation that the painting was created by Master Felix sent waves of astonishment through the crowd. Felix was renowned for his talents in both poetry and painting, and his works were highly coveted in the art world.




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