Chapter 1312

Chapter 1312: A Beautiful Portrait
After learning about the origin of the artwork, the entire venue erupted into excitement.

Most of the people in attendance that night had some interest in the arts and culture to varying degrees. Legendary figures like Master Felix were highly admired, and his dual expertise in both poetry and painting was a rarity. To excel in either of these fields was already impressive, but to excel in both was truly remarkable.

Master Felix’s works were highly sought after because he was known for his reclusive nature and his disdain for wealth. He rarely created poems or paintings, so whenever one of his pieces appeared, it was considered a treasure, and many cultured elites took pride in owning one of his authentic works.

Now, witnessing one of his masterpieces in person was a source of great wonder for everyone present.

“I believe you all know how rare Master Felix’s authentic works are. If it weren’t for our close relationship with him, we might not have been able to acquire this Portrait of a Beauty,” the manager Kaizen explained with a smile.

“It truly lives up to being a work by Master Felix. This Portrait of a Beauty is so lifelike, like a celestial maiden descended from the heavens, it’s incredible!”

“We’re truly fortunate to witness an authentic work by Master Felix in our lifetime!”

“Wait a minute… I heard that Master Felix’s art is centered around realism. Could it be that the beauty in this painting is not fictional?”
As they continued to discuss, the crowd suddenly realized an issue.

“Indeed, what this distinguished guest said is correct. The beauty in the painting is not fictional; she is a real person,” the chubby man paused for a moment, allowing everyone’s curiosity to reach its peak before announcing, “I won’t hide it from you all. The woman in the Portrait of a Beauty is not a product of imagination; she is a real person. She is none other than the Dragonmarsh’s number one beauty and the top-ranked beauty on the Vermillion Rouge List—Margaret!”

“What? Margaret?!”

With this revelation, the entire venue erupted into a frenzy of astonishment, excitement, and curiosity.

Margaret’s name had become famous in recent years, but she remained shrouded in mystery. No one knew what she looked like, and her background was an enigma.

The crowd knew that a few years ago, the name Margaret had emerged out of nowhere, defeating all the stunning beauties on the Vermillion Rouge List and claiming the top spot.

Since then, she had been hailed as the number one beauty in the Dragonmarsh!

However, despite reigning at the top for several years, Margaret had never appeared in public. No one knew what she looked like to this day.

Yet, the more mysterious she remained, the more people were intrigued.

So, upon hearing that the woman in the painting was Margaret, the expressions of all the guests in attendance lit up with surprise.

Even though only half of her face was visible in the painting, it still exuded unparalleled beauty.

As the top-ranked beauty on the Vermillion Rouge List and the number one beauty in the Dragonmarsh, Margaret’s reputation was well-deserved.

“Master Felix’s artwork, combined with Margaret’s timeless beauty, certainly lives up to everyone’s expectations tonight,” the chubby man said with a beaming smile.

“Hahaha… Excellent! This is indeed a precious masterpiece! I’m determined to obtain this Portrait of a Beauty tonight!”

“Nonsense! The Portrait of a Beauty is mine, and no one can take it from me!”

“Hmph! What’s the point of just talking? Whether you can obtain the Portrait of a Beauty or not will depend on your abilities!”

After some spirited exchanges, the atmosphere in the entire Emperor’s Palace had reached its peak.

Everyone was eager to showcase their talents.

“Since you are all so enthusiastic, I won’t keep you waiting any longer,” the chubby man cleared his throat and continued, “Today, our East House has prepared a traditional activity for the Lantern Festival, riddle-solving.”



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