Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313: Riddle Solving Contest
Upon hearing this, everyone was puzzled. They exchanged glances, unsure of what was happening.

In the past, competitions had always been about poetry, literature, and the arts, so why were they suddenly going to solve riddles?

It was worth noting that many dignitaries and officials, in their pursuit of the top spot, had spent large sums of money to invite poetry experts and literary talents, or artists and calligraphers, to assist them.

Now, instead of poetry and art, they were unexpectedly asked to solve riddles.

Didn’t that mean all their previous preparations had been in vain?

“Manager Kaizen, couldn’t we compete in poetry and literature instead? Suddenly introducing riddles like this feels like a deliberate challenge,” someone expressed their dissatisfaction.

“Guests, you’ve misunderstood. The topics we present are randomly selected, and there’s no intention to deliberately challenge you. Please forgive us,” Kaizen replied with a slight nod.

“Alright, enough with the chatter. Let’s solve the riddles. There’s nothing extraordinary about it,” someone said.

“That’s right. People like us, well-versed in literature, shouldn’t be afraid of mere riddles.”

“Now, it’s finally time to test our literary skills. Whether it’s a donkey or a horse, we’ll find out!”

Amidst the chatter, the crowd encouraged the competition to begin.

“Junior sister Roselyn, you excel in poetry. Are you confident in solving riddles?”
In the private room, Carlos couldn’t help but ask.

“Brother Carlos, rest assured. I’m skilled with words, and if I can handle poetry and literature, solving riddles is a piece of cake,” Roselyn replied confidently.

In her eyes, riddle-solving was a trivial matter, something that only common people and novices would engage in. For someone of her refined taste, it was not even a challenge.

“That’s good to hear…”
Carlos breathed a sigh of relief, then added, “If junior sister wins this Portrait of a Beauty, would you consider selling it to me? I’m willing to pay a high price!”

“Brother, you’re being too polite. If you like it, I can give it to you without any hesitation,” Roselyn replied generously.

With her full confidence, Roselyn appeared as if victory was already in her grasp.

“Thank you, junior sister!” Carlos’s face lit up, and his heart raced a bit. This Portrait of a Beauty was truly priceless. If used wisely, it could potentially catapult the Grantwood family to new heights.

“Now that everyone is in agreement, let’s begin,” the manager said. Once the surroundings had calmed down a bit, he signaled for a sealed box to be brought over.

The box had an opening on top just large enough for a hand to reach inside. The manager rolled up his sleeves and inserted his hand through the hole, fumbling inside for a moment before pulling out a card. After glancing at it, he loudly announced, “The riddle for the first round is: ‘Bright moon hiding behind tall trees, guess one character.’”

“Bright moon hiding behind tall trees?”

Upon hearing this, the crowd quickly wore thoughtful expressions. Solving riddles was not their forte, and many of them only had a vague understanding of it, often guessing blindly based on luck.

“Junior sister, how should we interpret ‘bright moon hiding behind tall trees’?” Carlos asked, curiously.

Roselyn hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to respond. She could only say, “Brother, allow me some time to think it over.”

“Alright, take your time. No rush,” Carlos replied, not wanting to interrupt Roselyn’s train of thought.

“‘Bright moon hiding behind tall trees, guess one character.’ From the literal meaning, it doesn’t seem too difficult to understand. The character should be related to the moon and trees,” Roselyn murmured to herself while tapping her fingers lightly on the table.

After a while, it seemed she had figured something out, and her eyes suddenly lit up. “Brother, I know what character it is!”

“Oh? What is it?” Carlos became instantly alert.



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