Chapter 1315

Chapter 1315: Congratulation Hazel
“Hey! What gives you the right to say my answer is wrong? This riddle is so simple; how could I possibly guess it wrong?” Roselyn couldn’t help but slam the table in frustration.

She was very defiant, being a talented woman, she had her own pride.

Just a mere riddle couldn’t stump her.

“Miss, please don’t get so agitated. The answer to the word puzzle has already been fixed, and the characters you provided are indeed incorrect,” the manager tried to explain.

“Alright! You say my answer is wrong, then immediately reveal the correct answer now. I want to see if there’s a better answer than mine!” Roselyn was very assertive.

“Miss, other customers haven’t guessed yet. It’s against the rules to reveal the answer now. If no one can guess it later, I will announce the result. I hope you can be patient,” Kaizen said calmly.

“Roselyn, oh Roselyn, if you’re wrong, can’t you admit it? You’re a great talented woman; you shouldn’t be unable to handle losing, right?”
At this moment, a sarcastic voice came from the side.

The speaker was none other than Hazel, who was holding a wine glass.

“Who said I can’t handle losing? My answer is not wrong at all!” Roselyn stared angrily.

“Hehe… you’re as arrogant as ever.”

Hazel lifted her wine glass and took a sip, smiling faintly. “Do you know why I dislike you? Because you clearly have no talent, yet you still claim to be virtuous and proud, like a peacock. Just like now, clearly wrong, but you refuse to admit it, it’s really disgusting.”

“You’re talking nonsense! What gives you the right to say I’m wrong? Do you think you’re better than me?” Roselyn retorted.

“Why? Because I already have the correct answer.”

Hazel stood up gracefully, her gaze sweeping toward the chubby man. She said with a smile, “Manager Kaizen, the answer I provided is the character ‘hidden.’”

“Hmph! This is completely off the mark!”

Roselyn crossed her arms and sneered, “The character ‘hidden’ you mentioned doesn’t match the riddle at all. If that’s considered the correct answer, I’ll write my name backward!”

“Is that so?”

Hazel smirked, “Manager Kaizen, please announce the result. Is my ‘hidden’ character correct?”

“Congratulations, Miss Hazel, your answer is correct,” the Manager nodded slightly.

As soon as these words were spoken, Roselyn felt as if she had been struck by lightning. She froze in disbelief.

She never expected that the character she had mocked would actually be the correct answer?

How was that possible?!

“Roselyn, how does it feel? Are you surprised? Unexpected?” Hazel teased, her mouth curved in a mocking smile. “Given your temperament, do you want to claim there’s a conspiracy? That Emperor’s Pavilion intentionally favored me?”

“That’s right! I don’t accept this!” Roselyn protested. “Why is it the character ‘hidden’? Why not ‘Pale’? You must give me a reasonable explanation today!”
“Very well, then today, I’ll make sure you accept your defeat gracefully.”

Hazel snapped her fingers, signaling the young man beside her to stand up.

The young man appeared scholarly and bookish, but his words carried weight. “A bright moon hides behind a tall tree; this riddle isn’t particularly difficult. The key lies in the character ‘hide’. ‘Bright moon’ refers to the moon, and if you hide the moon from it, you’re left with (‘sun’). ‘Tall tree’ refers to the top of a tree, so you take (‘wood’). Place (‘wood’) on top of (‘sun’), and wouldn’t that be ‘hidden’ (‘dim’)? This is the interpretation of the riddle’s answer.”

With that, the scholarly man took his seat.

“Well done! What an excellent explanation!”

“Sir, your words are truly enlightening. It turns out this is the correct answer.”

After hearing the interpretation of the riddle’s answer, many people applauded and expressed their admiration. Some things may seem simple, but if you can’t find the key to unlock them, it’s like being lost in a fog, never seeing the light.

“So it really was ‘hidden’! Did I just miss a great opportunity?” Roselyn lamented.


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