Chapter 1316

Chapter 1316: Parting and Reunion
After coming to his senses, Carlos regretted his actions and almost slapped himself.

Damn it, if only I had listened to Dustin earlier.

Now, not only did he fail to gain any attention, but he also embarrassed himself.

“How could it be the character ‘hidden’? How could it be ‘hidden’?” Roselyn muttered to herself, finding it hard to accept.

“Roselyn, the great talent, how about it? Do you have anything to say now?” Hazel provocatively smiled.

“…,” Roselyn was left speechless.

Although she was unwilling, the facts were already in front of her, and there was no room for her to argue.

After hearing the previous explanation, she also realized that ‘hidden’ was indeed closer to the correct answer than ‘pale’.

“Congratulations, Miss Hazel, for answering the first question correctly,” the Manager congratulated, then added, “Of course, the rest of you need not be discouraged. There are a few more questions to come, and if you can answer them all correctly, there is still a great chance to win.”

Upon hearing this, Roselyn, who had appeared somewhat depressed, immediately cheered up.

That’s right, there’s still a chance. She had only lost one question, and as long as she performed well in the following ones, she could still win.

“Now, please listen to the second question,” the chubby man said as he took another card from the box and read aloud, “The second question: ‘The clouds cover the Mid-Autumn Festival moon, and the rain drenches the Lantern Festival lanterns,’ guess an idiom.”

“The clouds cover the Mid-Autumn Festival moon, and the rain drenches the Lantern Festival lanterns?” Everyone looked at each other, their faces filled with confusion.

What does that mean?

How are we supposed to guess this?

“Sister Roselyn, do you have any idea about these two lines of poetry forming an idiom?” Carlos asked hesitantly after waiting for a while.

“These two lines of poetry mention the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Lantern Festival, and if the answer is an idiom, it should be related to these two festivals,” Roselyn began her detailed analysis. “The Mid-Autumn Festival symbolizes reunion and happiness, while the Lantern Festival signifies making wishes and praying for blessings. Normally, it should be a joyful idiom.”

“However… the mention of clouds covering before Mid-Autumn and rain drenching before Lantern Festival adds some uncertainty. So, I guess the answer should have two possible meanings.”

On one hand, it needs to symbolize reunion and happiness, and on the other hand, it should carry a hint of regret, and the idiom that has two meanings at the same time, I can only think of one, and that’s ‘parting and reunion’!”

As she spoke, her spirits soared, as if she had dispelled the fog and seen the clear sky.

“‘Parting and reunion’?” Carlos looked utterly baffled.

Why did this sound more and more mysterious as he listened?

“That’s right! It’s ‘Parting and reunion’!” Roselyn declared firmly. “Only this idiom aligns with the two lines of poetry’s meaning. I’m confident this time, I won’t be wrong!”

“Junior sister, are you sure?” Carlos was skeptical.

“Senior brother, trust me once more. This time, I’m very confident. I promise not to disappoint you!” Roselyn spoke with conviction.

“Mr. Rhys, what do you think?” Carlos didn’t give a direct answer but looked over at Dustin, who was sipping tea nearby.

In the previous question, Dustin had accurately guessed the answer, demonstrating a certain literary talent.

“I have a different opinion from Miss Roselyn,” Dustin said lightly. “Riddles, well, they are typically guessed based on their literal meaning. They’re not necessarily so lofty in poetic imagery. I think Miss Roselyn might be over-interpreting it.”





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