Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317: Over Confident
“Hmph! What do you understand? Emperor’s Pavilion’s riddles can’t be figured out with common sense,” Roselyn said with a cold face. “Don’t think that just because you guessed one question right by luck, you can now criticize me. In terms of real talent, you’re not qualified!”

In her view, Dustin’s success in answering the first question was just luck, a case of a blind cat stumbling upon a dead mouse, and such luck couldn’t last forever.

“Is that so? It seems Miss Roselyn is very confident in her own answer,” Dustin said with a half-smile.

“Of course!” Roselyn raised her head proudly. “I am well-read and highly talented. If I can’t figure out such a small riddle, how can I face others with any dignity in the future?”

Upon hearing this, Dustin couldn’t help but chuckle.

This woman was truly exceptionally self-confident.

“Mr. Rhys, why don’t you share your thoughts? Let’s discuss it together,” Carlos suggested.

“Since Mr. Carlos is willing to listen, I’ll offer my humble opinion,” Dustin said as he picked up his teacup and took a sip. He then continued, “Clouds cover the Mid-Autumn moon, rain drenches the Lantern Festival. This phrase means that if on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon is obscured by clouds, then the following year, around the time of the Lantern Festival, there will undoubtedly be continuous spring rain, which will soak the Lantern Festival lanterns.”

“Hmph! I certainly know what this phrase means. Do you need to show off here?” Roselyn snorted.

Mid-Autumn with a cloud-covered moon and rain on Lantern Festival night.

This situation perfectly matched the two meanings she had mentioned.

“Mr. Rhys, so what is your answer?” Carlos asked tentatively.

“Undetermined whereabouts,” Dustin replied with four words.

“Undetermined whereabouts?” Carlos was slightly stunned. “What does that mean?”

“Clouds cover the Mid-Autumn moon indirectly suggests rain, which corresponds to the later part of the phrase,” Dustin explained. “So, the word falling refers to the falling rain. After the rain falls and drenches the Lantern Festival lanterns, they naturally become undetermined. Therefore, the answer is ‘Undetermined whereabouts’.”

“Nonsense!” Before Dustin finished speaking, Roselyn immediately retorted, “What undetermined whereabouts? This is utter nonsense! Someone like you, with shallow analysis, lacking depth, do you think Emperor’s Pavilion would be as superficial as you?”

“I’m just interpreting the riddle based on its clues. Believe it or not, it’s up to you,” Dustin shrugged.

Arguing with such a self-assured woman was pointless because even if you presented a brilliant argument, she could still find reasons to counter it.

“Senior brother Carlos! Don’t listen to this guy’s nonsense. My answer is the correct one!” Roselyn declared confidently.

“Well…” Carlos looked left and right, appearing somewhat hesitant.

Different people have different opinions, and both interpretations seemed plausible. He was unsure whom to believe.

“Senior brother, do you not trust my judgment?” Roselyn furrowed her brows, showing some displeasure. “You should be well aware of my literary talents. The previous question was just a mistake. I have a hundred percent certainty about this question, and I’m sure I can win!”
“Really?” Carlos raised an eyebrow.

“As true as pearls!” Roselyn said with a serious expression.

“Alright! Since junior sister is so confident, I’ll give it another try!” Carlos’s spirits rose.

With words like these, he must be very confident. This time, he wouldn’t make a mistake again.

“Manager Kaizen, I know the answer to the riddle,” Carlos stood up again, attracting the attention of everyone present.

Having lost face earlier, he was determined to make a comeback.

“We’re eager to hear your answer,” the Manager nodded slightly.

“Clouds cover the Mid-Autumn moon, rain drenches the Lantern Festival represents two different emotions, the joy of reunion and the sadness of parting. So, my answer is—’Parting and reunion’!” Carlos held his head high.

“‘Parting and reunion’?”


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