Chapter 1318

Chapter 1318: Wrong Answer Again
Upon hearing this, the people present couldn’t help but start whispering to each other.

Some of the wealthy individuals who were pretending to be knowledgeable even slapped their thighs in regret.

“Hey! I was just about to say ‘Parting and reunion’, but this guy beat me to it. What a mistake!”

“Me too, me too. If I hadn’t hesitated just now, when would this guy have had a chance to take the spotlight?”

“‘Parting and reunion’… It really is a good theme and a good idiom!”

Seeing Carlos so confident and speaking so convincingly, many people believed him.

“So, Manager Kaizen, did I guess it right?” Carlos smirked, looking quite pleased with himself.

“Well… I’m sorry, but you got it wrong again,” the manager said politely.

“What? Wrong again?” Carlos’s smile immediately froze on his face. “Manager Kaizen, you’re not joking, are you?”

“How can I joke about something like this? Your answer is indeed not the correct one,” the manager shook his head.

With this statement, Carlos and even the disciples of the Healwell Clinic all looked at Roselyn strangely, their gazes seemingly accusing.

“How is it possible? I clearly understood the meaning of these two phrases, so why did I still get it wrong?” Roselyn widened her eyes, finding it difficult to accept.

She was highly talented; how could she make consecutive mistakes like this?

“Roselyn, it seems you’ve been a bit too confident,” Hazel chimed in from a distance, her tone carrying a hint of irony. “Roselyn is arrogant and self-conceited, yet she lacks true abilities. Believing what she says is no better than blind guessing.”

Carlos’s eye twitched, and for a moment, he had no response.

Damn, this was really embarrassing.

Making a mistake the first time could be considered a slip-up.

But now, making consecutive mistakes and being the first to answer each time was quite embarrassing.

“Hazel! Don’t be too arrogant! Even though I answered incorrectly, it’s still better than not being able to answer at all!” Roselyn shouted.
“Who said I couldn’t answer it?”

Hazel smiled slightly and then snapped her fingers. “Tell her what the correct answer is.”

“Alright,” the scholarly-looking man next to her stood up and said loudly, “The answer to Clouds cover the Mid-Autumn moon, rain drenches the Lantern Festival is ‘Undetermined whereabouts’. ‘falling’ represents the falling rain, and when the rain falls and soaks the Lantern Festival lanterns, they become undetermined, which matches the preceding and following phrases. So, the correct answer is ‘Undetermined whereabouts’!”

“Nonsense! How could it be ‘Undetermined whereabouts’…” Just as Roselyn was about to argue, the manager suddenly spoke up, “Miss Hazel’s answer is correct. The answer is indeed ‘Undetermined whereabouts’.”

With these words, Roselyn’s voice came to a sudden stop, and she froze in place.

She found it hard to believe.

If it were just one person saying this, she would have dismissed it.

If two people said the same, she could still argue based on reason.

The problem was that now all three people had given the same answer, and she didn’t know how to argue.

“I didn’t expect Dustin’s answer to be true. I missed a great opportunity!”

“It’s a pity. If senior brother had listened to Dustin’s advice.”

The disciples of the Healwell Clinic shook their heads and sighed.

Seeing Roselyn so full of confidence, they thought she was sure to win, but she ended up getting two questions wrong. It was truly disappointing.
On the other hand, Dustin, who seemed unremarkable, consistently gave the correct answers.

Unfortunately, no one believed him.

With that in mind, the gazes of the crowd towards Dustin became quite different.

This… was the true hidden talent!




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