Chapter 1319

Chapter 1319: Healwell Clinic in Danger
“Miss Hazel has already won two rounds in a row. If this continues, our Healwell Medical Center is in danger!” Dr. Elijah’s brows furrowed deeply, and his expression was grave.

If he had known it would turn out like this, he wouldn’t have agreed to this gambling contest. Once they lost, all the effort they had put into Healwell Clinic for half their lives would be in vain.

“Hazel obviously came prepared, and we’ve been tricked.”

“This woman is truly despicable!”

Several Healwell Clinic disciples grumbled, feeling indignant but helpless at the same time.

Now that the arrow was on the bowstring, they had to release it. They couldn’t change the publicly agreed-upon gambling contest; they could only look for opportunities to turn things around.

“Roselyn, you’ve lost again,” Hazel’s mocking voice drifted over. “If you lose a few more rounds, Healwell Medical Center will be mine.”

“Humph! Don’t get too excited, everything has just begun!” Roselyn replied with a stern voice.

She had already inquired and knew that there were a total of ten riddles. If she could answer six correctly, she would secure victory. So she still had a chance to turn the tables.

“Don’t be so confident. You couldn’t even answer these simple questions. Do you really think you can do better in the future? Don’t embarrass yourself; I advise you to admit defeat early,” Hazel taunted.

“Who will emerge victorious is still uncertain. Let’s wait and see!” Roselyn retorted angrily.

“Alright, I’d like to see how capable you are,” Hazel smiled faintly. “Mr. Kaizen, please continue with the next question.”

“Okay,” the manager nodded and took out another card from the box. He then read aloud, “Please listen carefully to the third question: ‘One comes from the right, one from the west, three rooms form a square in the southeast’. Guess the word.”
“One comes from the right, one from the west? Three rooms form a square in the southeast?”

As soon as the riddle was presented, everyone began to contemplate it. Typically, when guessing a word, they looked for inconsistencies within the riddle. Once they found the key, it would be relatively easy to solve the riddle. However, it was clear that this word wouldn’t be simple to guess.

“I’ve figured it out!” After pondering for a moment, Roselyn’s eyes lit up, and she suddenly said, “Brother Carlos, I know the answer. It’s the character sprinkle!”

“sprinkle” character? What does it mean?” Carlos asked in confusion.

“Carefully examine the question. The three dots next to the ‘sprinkle’ character represent three rooms, and when combined with west, doesn’t it form ‘sprinkle’?” Roselyn enthusiastically explained.

“But how do you explain the one comes from the right, one from the west part?” Carlos was somewhat skeptical.

“That’s simple. The sprinkle “character has three dots on the left, which represent the three rooms, and right is on the right, which perfectly explains the riddle,” Roselyn replied.

“Why do I feel like it’s a bit far-fetched?” Carlos furrowed his brow slightly.

After being wrong twice in a row, he had lost trust in Roselyn.

“Senior Brother, trust me one more time. I promise there won’t be any problems this time!” Roselyn declared with utmost sincerity.

Carlos’s mouth twitched, and he wanted to scold her, but he ultimately held back.

Damn it! She’s doing this again?

Every time she spoke with such assurance, but the result was disappointing, and he ended up being pointed and laughed at. If they weren’t fellow disciples, he would have lost his temper long ago.

“Mr. Rhys, do you have any insights?” Carlos didn’t pay attention to Roselyn and turned his gaze to Dustin.

“Is it important whether I have thoughts or not? You didn’t believe me when I spoke earlier anyway, so it’s better if I don’t say anything,” Dustin mumbled while casually eating his food.

Cough cough… “Mr. Rhys, it was my fault before; I failed to recognize your talent. This time, I definitely believe in you,” Carlos assured.



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