Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320: Correct or Wrong
“Brother Carlos, what do you mean by that?” Upon hearing this, Roselyn immediately became displeased. “Who does he think he is? Can he be compared to me? Are you telling me that you’d rather trust a stranger and not me?!”

“Shut up!” Carlos shouted at her. “I trusted you twice before, and you were wrong both times. How can you expect me to believe you again?”

“I…” Roselyn was rendered speechless, her pretty face turning bright red. This wasn’t the Senior Brother she remembered, always acting like a protective older brother. He had never been this harsh with her before. What had come over him today?

“Roselyn, this matter is not child’s play. You’ve made a bet with Hazel, and if you lose, you’ll lose the entire Healwell Clinic!” Carlos spoke more gently this time, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation. “Furthermore, your expertise lies in music, chess, calligraphy, and painting, as well as poetry and literary composition. You haven’t delved into riddles like this. It’s essential to recognize one’s specialization. Why don’t we let Mr. Rhys have a try?”

Whether it was Healwell Clinic or anything, he was determined to win. He couldn’t allow any room for mistakes.

“Alright, I’ll give him a chance to prove himself. But if he answers incorrectly, I’ll take over immediately. This might give us a slight chance,” Roselyn reluctantly agreed.

“No problem,” Carlos sighed in relief and turned to Dustin. “Mr. Rhys, please share your answer. What’s the character?”

“One comes from the right, one comes from the west, and three square rooms stand to the southeast. If I’m not mistaken, it should be the character mince,” Dustin calmly stated.

“‘Hai’? Which ‘mince’ is that?” Carlos looked puzzled.

“It’s this mince character.”

Dustin used his fingers to point out the character, then meticulously wrote it on the table.


Seeing the unfamiliar character, everyone couldn’t help but exchange puzzled looks. This was the first time they had encountered this character—it was extremely rare.

“In this mince character, you have right and west, corresponding to the first sentence. As for the second sentence, three square rooms stand to the southeast, take a look at this dish character. Doesn’t it resemble three rooms separated?” Dustin explained.

“It does! It’s incredibly similar!”
Carlos examined it closely and couldn’t help but show a delighted expression. “Mr. Rhys, your ‘mince’ character is absolutely brilliant! It feels like an epiphany! It’s amazing!”

Dustin’s suggestion was met with skeptical glances initially. However, upon seeing the character “mince and Dustin’s explanation, they suddenly had an epiphany. It made sense now. Carlos, in particular, was quite delighted and believed that Dustin’s answer was the correct one.

But just as he was about to rejoice, Roselyn poured cold water on his excitement. She warned, “Senior Brother, don’t celebrate too early. How do we know this is the correct answer? What if it’s wrong?”

“I’ll admit it if it’s wrong!” Carlos declared, undeterred. He stood up and confidently said, “Manager Kaizen, I have the answer to the third question!”

“Carlos, aren’t you being too hasty?” Hazel cautioned. “You’ve already answered incorrectly twice in a row. If you get the third one wrong, you’ll lose all face.”

“Someone here just doesn’t know when to quit!”

“If you lack the ability, it’s fine, but you still insist on hogging the limelight. It’s truly embarrassing!”

“Hmph! They’re just a bunch of clowns seeking attention.”

At this moment, many nobles and dignitaries began to mock Carlos. Making a mistake once or twice was one thing, but Carlos not only kept answering first but also answered incorrectly each time. This was akin to self-inflicted humiliation.

Manager Kaizen advised Carlos, “Mr. Carlos, this riddle is quite challenging. Would you like to reconsider?”

“No need to reconsider. I’m very confident this time,” Carlos declared loudly.

“Oh? May I ask, Mr. Carlos, what is the answer?” Manager Kaizen asked.

“It’s the character ‘mince’ !”

Without any hesitation, Carlos wrote the character “mince” on a piece of paper and slammed it down in front of Kaizen. He then point


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