Chapter 1321

“Dong!” As he watched the paper that Carlos had just heavily slapped down, the manager couldn’t help but be slightly stunned, a hint of surprise flashing in his eyes. He hadn’t expected that the other party could actually answer it. The third riddle was much more difficult than the previous two. You see, the character ‘醢’ (hǎi) itself is a rare word, and few people know it, let alone write it. And to combine the riddle’s context and guess this obscure character made it even more challenging. When he drew this question just now, he thought no one could answer it and was prepared to declare it void. But to his surprise, Carlos, who seemed inexperienced, was the first to answer, which was truly astonishing. It seemed that there must be someone behind him guiding him. “Manager Kaizen, what are you waiting for? Give me a straightforward answer. Is this character correct?” Carlos urged. Initially full of confidence, he suddenly became nervous when he saw the manager’s unusual expression. “Young Master Carlos, I advise you not to struggle. Just by looking at Manager Kaizen’s expression, you’re definitely wrong again this time,” teased Hazel. “If you don’t have the ability, just leave early and stop embarrassing yourself here!” A group of dignitaries in the audience joined in the jeering. “Could he be wrong again?” Carlos frowned slightly, unable to hide the unease on his face. “Hmph! You talk so big, but in the end, it’s still wrong, isn’t it? I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you!” Roselyn glared fiercely at Dustin. How could someone inferior to even himself answer such a difficult riddle? “Don’t misunderstand, everyone…” Realizing the situation, the manager hurriedly said, “Young Master Carlos did not answer incorrectly. On the contrary, he answered it absolutely correctly. The solution to the third riddle is indeed the character ‘醢’ (hǎi).” “What? He got it right?” As soon as these words came out, the smile on Hazel’s face instantly froze. The dignitaries who had just been making a commotion were now all looking at each other in confusion. As for Roselyn, the words that were on the tip of her tongue were forcibly swallowed back. “Manager Kaizen, are you sure you’re not mistaken? These guys with wooden heads actually answered this question correctly?” Hazel couldn’t believe it. Even the literary genius she had paid a high price to invite couldn’t answer it in a short time, let alone Roselyn and Carlos. “I saw it clearly, there’s no mistake. Young Master Carlos did answer it correctly,” the manager nodded slightly. “Well then, tell us, what character did he write?” Hazel demanded. “It’s the character ‘醢’ (hǎi).” The manager displayed the character Carlos had written clearly in front of everyone. After seeing it, many people nodded in recognition. “Is it really this character?” Hazel asked the scholarly man next to her. “One on the right and one on the left, three rooms in a square, southeast upright. With ‘right’ and ‘left,’ three square rooms correspond to the pictographic character ‘皿.’ This character ‘醢’ (hǎi) is answered absolutely correctly, even I didn’t expect it,” the scholarly man gave his evaluation. “It shouldn’t be…” Hazel frowned. “Roselyn is a woman who looks down on others and has little talent. How could she solve such a difficult riddle? Could it be that there is another expert helping her?” As she spoke, her gaze swept over everyone and finally settled on Dustin. Because compared to the astonishment and surprise of the people around, he remained very calm, as if he had expected this all along. “Hahaha… I got it right, finally!” Carlos was excited. His mistakes on the previous two questions had left him losing face and subject to ridicule. This third question had finally allowed him to regain a bit of dignity. “Mr. Rhys, I didn’t expect you to be good at solving riddles too. Impressive!” Dr. Elijah gave him a thumbs up. This guy was truly versatile, excelling in both academics and martial arts. “I’ve read a lot of books, so it’s not a big deal,” Dustin said with a faint smile. “Mr. Rhys, don’t be modest. Thanks to you just now, or else we would have lost again,” Carlos happily returned to his seat. “Hmph! What’s so impressive about it? It’s just luck!” Roselyn pouted, clearly dissatisfied.


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