Chapter 1322

Chapter 1322: Ridiculously Unreal In her opinion, Dustin had guessed the answer by sheer luck or perhaps had seen a similar riddle before, which made him answer quickly. “Mr. Rhys, the next riddles are all up to you. After we succeed, I’ll definitely show my gratitude!” Carlos clasped his fists at Dustin. “For the sake of Dr. Elijah’s favor, I’ll do my best,” Dustin yawned. If it weren’t for the need to save Healwell Medical Center, he wouldn’t bother getting involved. “Roselyn, I can’t believe there’s still someone intelligent among you.” Hazel’s voice drifted in again, “But don’t celebrate too soon; we’re still in the lead. The next seven riddles are the key to victory.” “Hmph! Bring it on!” Roselyn raised her head defiantly, showing no fear. “Manager Kaizen, please present the next riddle!” Hazel urged. The chubby man nodded and then took out the fourth card from the box, saying, “Please listen to the fourth riddle: ‘Leaving for half a month, guess a character.’” Before he could finish speaking, Dustin calmly uttered a word, “Brain.” “Congratulations to this guest for the correct answer,” the manager announced the result directly. “Huh?” Upon hearing this, everyone was stunned. The riddle had just been presented, and they hadn’t even had a chance to think, but someone had already given an answer? What kind of joke was this? Could it be so easy? “Wait! Why is the answer ‘brain’? Can you explain?” someone raised a question. “Taking the upper part of the character ‘ Banyue’ and combining it with the character ‘ moon’ naturally forms the character ‘脑’ (brain),” Dustin explained succinctly. “Oh, I see, it sounds quite simple when you put it that way. No wonder he answered so quickly,” everyone suddenly realized. “Manager Kaizen, continue with the next riddle!” Hazel was somewhat reluctant. “Please listen to the fifth riddle: ‘Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, guess an idiom,’” the chubby man said. “Lacking clothing and food,” Dustin immediately replied. “Congratulations to this guest for the correct answer,” the manager nodded. “…” The faces of the crowd froze, and they were left speechless. It was way too fast. They couldn’t react at all. “Please listen to the sixth riddle: ‘There is a bamboo forest on the ground, and one inch of gold beneath the earth. Guess a word.’” The word “wait.” “Please listen to the seventh riddle: ‘A blind man touching an elephant, honeyed lotus seeds, what do they represent?’” “A blind man touching an elephant represents not seeing the big picture; honeyed lotus seeds represent sharing sweetness and bitterness.” Dustin replied. “Please listen to the eighth riddle: ‘ Guess a four-character common phrase.” ” ”The rat, the ugly, and the ox are the first and second animals in the Chinese zodiac, so they should be born in the first and second zodiac signs.” “Ninth riddle: ‘The phoenix flute sounds, the jade pot shines, and the fish and dragons dance all night!’” “Lantern Festival.” “…” The questions and answers went back and forth, with their speed increasing. No matter what the manager asked, Dustin answered without hesitation. And every single answer was correct. The other guests around them had no chance to speak. Even the talented scholar hired by Hazel had paid a high price to invite was left dumbfounded and utterly shocked. Was this really a lantern riddle guessing game? Was he reading from the answers? This was ridiculously unreal!


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