Chapter 1324

Chapter 1324: Unpleasant Bargain “Rhys.” “Mr. Rhys, congratulations on winning the grand prize.” The manager held a box containing the priceless beauty painting and walked up to Dustin respectfully. He said, “On behalf of the Imperial Tower, I present this invaluable beauty painting to you.” “I’ll inspect the goods first.” Carlos was the first to take the box and opened it. His eyes couldn’t help but light up. “It’s truly a precious item!” After confirming its authenticity, Carlos couldn’t help but feel a bit conflicted. After all, this treasure had been won by Dustin. If he simply accepted it without saying a few polite words, he might be criticized for it. The best approach was to let Dustin take the initiative to offer it, and he would graciously accept, benefiting from the treasure as well as gaining a good reputation. Perfect! “Mr. Rhys, my friend, although I have admired this beauty painting for a long time, I can’t take what you won by your own skill. I can’t take what belongs to another.” Carlos spoke with an expression of reluctantly giving up. He handed the box over halfway, then suddenly stopped. “Of course, if you really don’t like it, I can hold onto it for you, and when the time comes…” “Oh, thanks.” Before he could finish, Dustin calmly accepted the box and didn’t say anything more. “???” Carlos was stunned. This wasn’t following the script at all! Normally, shouldn’t there be some polite refusals and words of courtesy? Why did he just accept it outright? Did I not make my reluctance clear enough? “Hey! Mr. Rhys! What do you mean? Are you planning to keep this beauty painting all to yourself?” Seeing this, Roselyn immediately became displeased. “Keep it to myself?” Dustin raised an eyebrow slightly and asked, “Manager Kaizen, according to today’s rules, whoever answers the most questions correctly gets this beauty painting, right?” “That’s correct,” the manager nodded. “Since I answered the most questions, shouldn’t the beauty painting belong to me?” Dustin asked again. “Exactly,” the manager nodded again. “Then it’s strange. This was originally mine, so how can you call it keeping it all to myself?” As he spoke, Dustin’s gaze had shifted towards Roselyn, carrying a hint of questioning. He might not be very interested in the beauty painting, but that didn’t mean he wanted to give it away for free, especially when someone was trying to demand it as if it were their right. “Although the beauty painting was won by you, doesn’t that mean we had no merit at all?” Roselyn spoke earnestly, “Setting aside all of this, if it weren’t for Senior Brother bringing you into the Imperial Tower, would you have had a chance to obtain this treasure? Shouldn’t you show some gratitude?” “You’re absolutely right! One should repay kindness received. Without Senior Brother’s help, you wouldn’t even have had the opportunity to answer questions. Therefore, this beauty painting should rightfully be given to Senior Brother!” Elmer echoed in agreement. “From what you’re saying, as long as I enter the Imperial Tower, I have to owe my life to your Senior Brother?” Dustin’s lips curled in mockery. “Miss Roselyn, please understand one thing. Without my intervention, you still wouldn’t have obtained the beauty painting, and because of your impulsive behavior, you might have lost the entire Healwell Clinic!” “Nonsense!” Roselyn was defiant, “Do you think we couldn’t have won without you? That’s a joke! I was just warming up earlier. Even if you hadn’t spoken, I would have easily secured the victory!” “Heh, you answered three questions incorrectly. Do you really think anyone would believe that?” Dustin sneered. “I…I just made some mistakes earlier,” Roselyn said with a forced smile. But her voice unconsciously softened, clearly showing signs of wavering. “Roselyn, you’re shameless!” At this moment, Hazel swayed her slender waist and walked over, her voice carrying a strange tone. “This handsome guy just helped you and saved Healwell Clinic from a disaster, and you’re not grateful at all. Instead, you even have your eyes on the beauty painting. I have to ask, where’s your face? Did a dog eat it?” These words directly turned Roselyn’s face red, as if she had eaten something unpleasant.


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