Chapter 1325

Chapter 1325: Offer Protection “What are you talking about?!” Roselyn was furious, jumping and yelling as if she were a cat with its tail stepped on. “Did I say anything wrong? If this handsome guy hadn’t helped, you would have lost everything, and yet you’re still arguing here. It’s like you have no self-awareness.” Hazel crossed her arms, pouted, and even gave Dustin a seductive look after she was done, saying, “Handsome guy, oh~!” The ‘oh’ was drawn out, carrying a hint of flirtatiousness. “Okay! So, you two are in cahoots!” Roselyn looked left and right, suddenly as if she had realized something. “No wonder you two have been giving each other meaningful looks the whole time. It turns out you’ve been joined force!” “Idiot!” Hazel rolled her eyes and was left speechless. This woman, did she have poop in her head? She spoke without thinking, it was truly baffling. “Forget it, Junior Sister. Since Dustin won the beauty painting, we can’t just take it from him. It’s up to him how he wants to handle it; we can’t interfere,” Carlos patted Roselyn’s shoulder. Although he maintained a calm appearance, his eyes turned cold. This guy had no manners at all. If he had graciously handed over the beauty painting, Carlos would have owed him a favor. But now that he wanted to keep it for himself, he shouldn’t be surprised if Carlos took some measures. “Hmph! Remember this, today’s matter isn’t over!” Roselyn glared at the two of them angrily and then left in a huff. “Dustin, this girl is too headstrong. Don’t take it to heart. If there’s anything, we can discuss it tomorrow,” Elijah said his farewell, following his granddaughter to prevent her from doing anything reckless. “Dustin, you take care of yourself. We’ll see you around.” Carlos smiled politely, then turned and left. Seeing this, the other disciples of Healwell Clinic also stood up and left one by one. In response to all of this, Dustin just smiled and remained silent. No matter whether it was Roselyn or Carlos, neither of them seemed like a good person. The former was headstrong and arrogant, while the later was cunning and untrustworthy. The beauty painting was invaluable, and trying to take it from Dustin empty-handed was not going to be easy. “Sir, please wait a moment,” Hazel suddenly called out as Dustin was preparing to leave. “Do you need something?” Dustin turned back. “Sir, did you come here alone?” Hazel looked him up and down. “Yes, what’s the matter?” Dustin replied. “It’s nothing. I just want to remind you that Stonia is a place filled with all sorts of people. With such a priceless treasure in your possession, if you don’t have the backing of a major power, you might be targeted as soon as you step out of the Emperor’s Pavilion,” Hazel warned. “Is the security really that bad in the capital?” Dustin raised an eyebrow. “Even though it’s the capital, the world is a jungle where the weak are preyed upon by the strong. With a treasure like this beauty painting, it’s enough to attract the attention of many forces,” Hazel said with a half-smile. “Thank you for the reminder, but I’m not too worried about someone trying to steal from me,” Dustin said casually. “Sir, the waters in Stonia are deeper than you can imagine. Moreover, you’re alone and vulnerable. How can you contend with those wolves and tigers out there?” Hazel chuckled. “So, according to Miss Hazel, what should I do?” Dustin asked. “It’s simple. Just find the protection of a major power, and you’ll be safe and sound. For example, my Lancaster family,” Hazel suggested.


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