Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326: 108th Boyfriend Finally, Hazel got to the point. “Sir, I think you’re quite talented. How about becoming a retainer of my Lancaster family? With the protection of my Lancaster family, you can roam the entire Southern City without fear. Apart from the two major powers, the Strartford Family & Torby Family no other force would dare to touch you.” “Miss Hazel, are you trying to recruit me just because of the beauty painting?” Dustin probed. “The beauty painting?” Hazel smiled faintly. “Though it’s a precious item, I’m not in need of money. For me, it has little value.” “Oh? Then why are you helping me?” Dustin was curious. “I may not need money, but I do need people,” Hazel said, extending her slender jade finger and gently caressing Dustin’s chest. She looked lively and radiant as she continued, “You seem lean, but surprisingly strong. I guess I didn’t make a mistake. Would you be interested in becoming my 108th boyfriend?” “Huh?” Dustin furrowed his brow and instinctively took a step back. He had thought she was after the beauty painting, but it turned out she was interested in his body. She was quite a rascal! The 108th boyfriend? Was she trying to collect the entire set of heroes like the legendary Liangshan heroes? “Sir, are you intimidated by me?” Hazel teased, her lips curving into a smile. “Don’t worry, I was just joking with you. I don’t really have 108 boyfriends. Even if I did, you’d be my new favorite, and I promise I won’t mistreat you.” After saying that, she moved to touch him again, but Dustin stopped her with a single hand. “Miss Hazel, please restrain yourself.” “Sir, what’s with your reaction?” Hazel raised an eyebrow, her tone tinged with disappointment. “We’re both adults. There’s no need to be so uptight. Life is short, so why not enjoy it?” “Miss Hazel, you seem to be intoxicated. It’s time for you to rest,” Dustin said coldly. “Mr. Rhys, what’s wrong with your reaction?” Hazel was puzzled at first, but then she burst into laughter, her delicate figure trembling with mirth. Tears welled up in her eyes as she continued, “Hahaha… this is interesting. Mr. Rhys, you’re the first person to reject me like this. I’ve noticed that I’m becoming more and more interested in you.” She considered herself top-notch in both looks and figure. With a seductive glance, she could easily captivate most men. Even if some self-righteous guys appeared uninterested on the surface, once she revealed her identity and was willing to spend money, they would quickly fall for her charms. No man could resist her allure. However, Dustin was an exception—a unique man she had never encountered before. She had a wealth of experience in captivating men and was confident in her ability to read them like an open book. She could easily tell if a man was lying or not. Dustin’s recent actions, expressions, and words had all proven that he was not lying. His clear and calm gaze didn’t deceive. In other words, her tried-and-true seduction techniques had failed for the first time with Dustin. This unexpected sense of defeat only fueled her excitement. She decided that no matter the cost, she would win this man over! “Miss Hazel, there’s nothing else. I’ll take my leave,” Dustin said as he noticed her peculiar behavior and promptly departed. “Follow him and observe from the shadows. When the situation becomes critical, swoop in and play the hero,” Hazel ordered, snapping her fingers. Her eyes sparkled like a hunter who had just discovered a new and fascinating prey.


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