Chapter 1327

Chapter 1327: A Bunch of Useless Attacker When Dustin walked out of the Emperor’s Pavilion, he quickly noticed some unfriendly glances. With a quick glance around, he realized that at least two factions had their eyes on him. It seemed that Hazel was right; even though the Beauty Portrait was a treasure, it could also attract a lot of trouble. The innocent bear the sins of the guilty. Ordinary people, even if they obtained such a treasure, wouldn’t be able to keep it. Fortunately, Dustin was not an ordinary person. “Daring to have designs on me, let’s see if you have the ability.” Dustin coldly snorted and then casually walked toward a secluded area. The two factions discreetly followed him, one on the left and one on the right. After walking for about ten minutes, Dustin carried the Beauty Portrait and turned into a rarely visited old alley. “A perfect opportunity! Follow him quickly!” Over a dozen black-clad individuals, carrying knives, chased after Dustin into the old alley. Upon entering, they all froze. Because they discovered it was a dead end. And the Dustin who had just entered mysteriously disappeared! “What’s going on? Where did that kid go?” “Weird, I clearly saw him come in, why did he suddenly vanish?” “Damn! Could it be a ghost?” A group of black-clad individuals exchanged puzzled looks, filled with doubt. How could someone just disappear out of nowhere? “Are you looking for me?” A cold voice suddenly sounded behind them. Everyone jumped and quickly turned around, only to find that, somehow, Dustin had already appeared at the mouth of the alley. “You…weren’t you in front of us? How did you end up behind us?” one of the black-clad individuals exclaimed in surprise. At this moment, the sky had grown dark, and the moonlight flowed like water. Dustin tilted his head slightly, half of his face concealed in the darkness, emanating an icy aura from head to toe. This added an even more eerie and terrifying atmosphere to the already ominous situation. “You’ve been following me for so long, what exactly do you want?” Dustin asked coldly. “So, you’ve already noticed. Impressive,” the leader of the black-clad individuals took a step forward and demanded, “Kid, save your breath! Money can buy silence. If you don’t want to die, hand over what you’re holding!” “The item is right here. If you have the guts, come and take it,” Dustin placed the box containing the Beauty Portrait gently on the ground and gestured with his hand. “Hmph! We don’t toast to people, only force them to drink! Attack together!” The lead black-clad individual shouted, and immediately his comrades rushed forward. Dustin gave a cold smile, took a step, and turned into a streak of black light, directly crashing into the midst of the group. A series of agonized screams followed as all the black-clad individuals were sent flying into the air and then crashed heavily to the ground. For a moment, they were sprawled on the ground, groaning in pain. “Tell me, who sent you?” Dustin grabbed the throat of the leader and lifted him up forcibly. “I… I don’t know… we were just doing it for money,” the leader stammered in fear, his body trembling. They had thought it was just a routine job, never expecting their target to be so formidable. With just one glance, he had defeated them all. It was terrifying! “Don’t know? Or not willing to say?” Dustin slowly applied pressure with his fingers. The leader felt his breath catch, his face turning red, veins bulging on his neck, and his hands and feet frantically struggling. “I really… really don’t know. We have rules, we never inquire about the origin of our employer,” the leader gasped out in agony. “Useless!” Dustin muttered in disdain. Dustin lost interest and, with a flick of his hand, slammed the leader against the wall, rendering him unconscious. These people only knew basic fighting skills and couldn’t even be considered martial artists.


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