Chapter 1328

Chapter 1328: Arrange A Meeting From this, it was clear that the mastermind behind this didn’t regard him highly. Or perhaps, they didn’t have much power. Dustin dusted off his clothes and was about to leave when several black business cars suddenly stopped at the entrance of the alley. As the car doors opened, a group of strong and well-built thugs in tough attire descended in a formidable manner. These thugs were armed and immediately surrounded Dustin, leaving him no chance to escape. “Clear the way!” At this moment, a man with bulging muscles, smoking a cigar, swaggered over. The man had a scar on his face, and his appearance was menacing and aggressive; he clearly wasn’t someone to be trifled with. “Is it you?” Dustin squinted slightly and quickly recognized the scar-faced man. The newcomer was none other than Lenny, the one who had caused trouble at the Healwell Clinic during the day. “Kid! We meet again!” Lenny puffed on his cigar, put his hands on his hips, and draped a mink coat over his shoulders. He carried himself as if he were the boss. “What did you just call me?” Dustin raised an eyebrow. “What? Deaf now? I called you a kid!” Lenny stared with widened eyes and said menacingly. Three minutes later… “Big…big brother, let’s talk it out, please don’t hit my face,” Lenny crawled on the ground with a bruised and swollen nose, completely changing his arrogant demeanor from before. He now looked terrified and cringed, like a startled quail, his face filled with panic and fear. Around him, his men were sprawled in all directions on the ground. This time, to be safe, he had brought around twenty or thirty men with him, but in less than three minutes, all his subordinates had been knocked down. Even worse, he couldn’t even follow Dustin’s movements. He felt as if everything happened in a blur, and then his subordinates fell one by one like dominoes. It was clear that he had picked a fight with the wrong person. “Lenny, to be honest, I preferred your previous unruly self,” Dustin pulled him up. “Big… big brother, don’t joke around,” Lenny said with a mournful face. “I was blind and disrespectful just now. I hope you can be magnanimous and spare me. I promise, I will never be your enemy again!” “Just based on those words, you think you can get away?” Dustin said calmly. “Big brother, what do you want to know? I’ll tell you everything, nothing held back!” Lenny quickly realized his situation. “Smart,” Dustin smiled faintly. “Let me ask you, did Sebastian send you?” “Yes, that’s right. It was butler Sebastian who wanted your Jade Dew Ointment formula, so he sent us to snatch it,” Lenny nodded repeatedly. “Besides sending you, did Sebastian involve anyone else?” Dustin asked again. “No, there was no one else. Mr. Sebastian… doesn’t seem to think highly of you,” Lenny replied humbly. “Very well.” Dustin let go of him and said, “Go back and tell Sebastian to arrange a meeting place for tomorrow. We can talk things out properly.” “What?” Lenny was momentarily stunned, not quite understanding. Negotiate with Sebastian Strartford? Wouldn’t that be walking into the lion’s den? What was this person up to? “What’s the matter? Any problems?” Dustin maintained his smile. “No problem, no problem. I promise to convey the message,” Lenny forced a smile. “Alright, you can go now,” Dustin waved his hand. “Thank you, big brother! Thank you, big brother!” With a pleased expression, Lenny bowed repeatedly, then limped his way back to the cars. “Wait…” Dustin’s voice sounded again, freezing Lenny in place, his body drenched in sweat. “Big… big brother… you’re not going to change your mind, are you?” “In the future, if you want to act cool, don’t wear a fake fur coat. It’s embarrassing,” Dustin said with a chuckle. With those words, Dustin turned and walked away, leaving Lenny standing there in a daze, his ears burning red.


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