Chapter 1329

Chapter 1329: Dragon Blood Ginseng In the Emperor’s Pavilion, on the second floor by the window. Hazel swirled her wine glass, gazing at the watery night outside. Her beautiful eyes reflected the moon and stars, exuding a unique charm. “Miss…” At this moment, a suited bodyguard approached and whispered, “There was an unexpected incident just now. The target we were watching disappeared.” “Disappeared?” Hazel raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?” “The target has impressive skills. He knocked down dozens of people barehanded and then mysteriously vanished,” the bodyguard replied, bowing his head. “Oh? So, he’s quite skilled?” Hazel smiled, her eyes filled with intrigue. “I thought he was just handsome, but it seems he has some abilities. Investigate who he is and find out his background. If he has a decent background, try to recruit him.” “Yes!” The bodyguard nodded and quickly left. “Interesting, very interesting. It’s been a long time since I’ve met someone this intriguing.” Hazel smiled faintly and then raised her wine glass, finishing the contents in one gulp. She had a feeling that she might have stumbled upon something valuable. The next day, in the early morning. Dustin left the hotel and headed straight for Healwell Medical Center. After shaking off the pursuers last night, he had found a hotel near Healwell Medical Center to stay in. His primary objective in coming to Stonia was to cure Uncle Lorenzo and investigate the events of the past. With his current strength, combined with the help of the Heavenly Spirit Pearl, he was qualified to seek the truth. Five minutes later, Dustin walked into Healwell Medical Center. Healwell Medical Center was as lively as ever today, filled with elderly people seeking medical treatment. The place buzzed with chatter, resembling a vegetable market with constant noise and commotion. Dustin had already informed Dr. Elijah in advance, so he headed straight to the second floor. The door to the second floor was already open, and Elijah had been waiting in the living room for a while. “Dustin Rhys, you’re here? Please have a seat.” Dr. Elijah gestured with one hand and poured a cup of tea, expressing his apologies, “I’m really sorry about last night. Although Roselyn can be headstrong, she doesn’t have any ill intentions. I hope you won’t judge her too harshly.” “It’s alright, what’s done is done. I just hope she can restrain her temper in the future,” Dustin replied with a faint smile. Roselyn was willful and capricious, often acting unreasonably. If it weren’t for Elijah’s sake, he wouldn’t be so polite. Of course, as long as she didn’t cross his bottom line, there were some things he wouldn’t bother to argue about. “I’ll make sure to discipline her properly in the future. Otherwise, at this rate, that girl will cause a big disaster sooner or later,” Dr. Elijah said with some regret. “By the way, Dr. Elijah, how is Uncle Lorenzo’s condition?” Dustin changed the topic. “I just examined him, and for now, Mr. Lorenzo’s condition is stable. However, it can only be maintained for ten days to half a month. We must quickly refine the Bone-Cleansing Pill,” Elijah replied with a grave expression. “Have there been any updates on the three main ingredients for the Bane-Cleansing Pill?” Dustin inquired. “I’ve already had someone inquire about it, but we still don’t know the whereabouts of Iceheart Lotus and Golden Marrow Jade. However, I do know where Dragon Blood Ginseng is located, but it’s a bit difficult to obtain,” Elijah sighed. “Oh? Where is it?” Dustin suddenly became interested. “As far as I know, the Dragon Blood Ginseng is stored as a treasure by the Torbys family and is not easily revealed,” Elijah explained. “The Torbys family, one of the Eight Noble Families?” Dustin raised an eyebrow. “That’s correct,” Elijah nodded. “I tried to inquire about it, but Mr. Torbys’s health has always been poor, and this Dragon Blood Ginseng is kept as a life-saving treasure. It’s almost impossible to purchase it from the Torbys family.” “It’s indeed a bit troublesome, but we still have to try.” Dustin contemplated and said, “Let me handle this matter. Please, Dr. Elijah, continue to work on the Bone-Cleansing Pill, and try to find out the whereabouts of the other two medicinal ingredients.” “No problem. I’ve already contacted my friends in the medical community, and it shouldn’t take too long to gather information on the other two herbs,” Elijah replied with a serious expression.


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