Chapter 1332

Chapter 1332: A Sudden Appearance “Mr. Sebastian, I can see you’re genuinely interested. How about this, I’ll take a bit of a loss and round it down for you. I’ll only need the first twenty spiritual herbs, deal?” Dustin put on an expression as if it pained him. “Twenty herbs still won’t work!” Sebastian said with a straight face. “Then tell me, how many can you give me?” Dustin tried to compromise. “One herb,” Song Zhong raised one finger, “I can only give you one!” “One herb?” Dustin frowned, “Sebastian, are you joking with me? Is this how you negotiate? Bargaining isn’t done this way, is it?” “Your Jade Dew Ointment formula is only worth one top-grade spiritual herb, and that’s my bottom line,” Sebastian said with impatience creeping into his voice. If Dustin had only asked for some money, he could have made a decision. But now, the other party was speaking recklessly, calling out sky-high prices, treating him like a sucker. “If Mr. Sebastian isn’t interested, then forget it. I believe someone else will be interested,” Dustin said and was ready to leave. “Hold on!” Sebastian slammed the table suddenly and shouted, “Kid! Did I say you could leave?” “What? Does Mr. Sebastian want to invite me for tea?” Dustin turned around and asked. “To hell with tea!” Sebastian was furious. He lifted his teacup and with a “bang,” he slammed it heavily onto the ground. The next moment, everyone on the floor, both upstairs and downstairs, sprang into action. Those who had pretended to be sipping tea earlier suddenly pulled out weapons from under their tables, and then they swarmed towards Dustin. In a matter of seconds, Dustin was completely surrounded. About fifty or sixty people blocked the exit. “Kid! You come and go as you please? What do you take me for?” Sebastian stood up abruptly, finally dropping his facade and said menacingly, “Now you have only two choices: either hand over the Jade Dew Ointment formula honestly, or I’ll beat you half to death and then force you to hand it over!” “Mr. Sebastian, if a deal can’t be reached, there’s still a sense of honor in business. If negotiations fail, resorting to violence makes you no different from a robber,” Dustin calmly looked around at the crowd. “Is that so? Well, I’d like to see for myself how capable your people from the Stratford family are,” Dustin sneered. “Mr. Sebastian, this guy can fight pretty well, be careful,” Lenny timely reminded. “So what if he can fight? I have fifty or sixty experts here, each one could drown him in a puddle of piss!” Sebastian glared, “What the hell are you standing around for? Attack!” “Stop!” Just as the Stratford family’s thugs were about to rush forward, a shrill shout suddenly echoed in the hallway. Immediately afterward, a beautiful and tall girl, accompanied by two burly bodyguards, aggressively charged into the crowd. Anyone blocking her path was kicked aside by the girl. “Who dares…,” Sebastian was about to yell when he saw the girl’s appearance. He was instantly frightened, and he hurriedly put on a welcoming smile, approaching her eagerly, “Isn’t this Miss Isabela? What brings you here?” “Smack!” The girl didn’t waste any words; she slapped Sebastian across the face and scolded, “Hey! You lackey! You dare to touch my friend? Have you had enough of living?” “What?” Sebastian was dumbfounded, clutching his burning cheek, feeling bewildered, “Friend?” “Little Divine Doctor, we meet again.” After dealing with the thugs, the girl turned to Dustin, smiled sweetly, and added a touch of playfulness. “It’s you?” Dustin quickly recognized her. The girl was none other than Isabela, the daughter of the Torby family, whom he had rescued yesterday.


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