Chapter 1333

Chapter 1333: Ask for A Favor “Little Divine Doctor, how do you feel? Surprised, aren’t you?” Isabela smiled and said, “I just saw you on the street, and you seemed familiar. I didn’t expect it to be you. We parted so hurriedly last time, I didn’t have a chance to thank you. This time, I insist on treating you to a meal.” “Miss Isabela, there’s no need to be so polite. It’s just a small favor,” Dustin nodded slightly. “Miss Isabela, do you… know this guy?” Sebastian cautiously asked. “Smack!” Isabela raised her hand and delivered another slap, scolding, “Nonsense! This Little Divine Doctor is my lifesaver. You dare to lay a hand on him? Believe me, I’ll castrate you!” “Lifesaver?” Hearing this, Sebastian trembled all over, and his legs went weak. He thought Dustin was just an unknown youngster, at most proficient in some medical skills and martial arts. He didn’t expect that there would be a wealthy and influential family like the Torbys backing him. He had made a big mistake. “What are you standing around for? Quickly apologize to Little Divine Doctor, or I’ll make sure you regret it!” Isabela glared. “Thud!” Sebastian didn’t hesitate; he dropped to his knees in front of Dustin, with a forced smile, he said, “I… I’m sorry. It was my mistake earlier. I hope Mr. Rhys can forgive my momentary confusion. Please spare me this time.” “Alright, alright. Just go with your people!” Isabela was quite displeased. “Yes, yes, I’ll leave right away.” Sebastian nodded and bowed repeatedly, then hurriedly retreated with his group. Even though both families were prestigious, the Torby family’s influence still overshadowed the Stratford family’s. Even their young master showed deference to this headstrong young lady, so an external affairs butler like him was even more inconsequential. “Stop!” When he reached the hallway, he was halted by Isabela’s shrill command, “When you get back, tell that unfaithful man surnamed Stratford that one day, he will regret this!” Sebastian forced a smile, repeatedly nodded, and then fled with his entourage.. “Little Divine Doctor, how are you? You didn’t get hurt, did you?” Isabela turned back, her smile as radiant as ever. “I’m fine, thanks to Miss Isabela’s timely arrival,” Dustin smiled. “Well, they say we’re destined to meet. Come on, I’ll treat you to a meal!” Isabela grabbed Dustin and was about to head downstairs. “Miss Isabela, I won’t eat, but there’s something I’d like to ask for your help with,” Dustin suddenly said. “Oh? What is it?” Isabela was curious. “I’ve heard that the Torby family has a Dragon’s Blood Ginseng. I wonder if it’s true or not?” Dustin inquired. “It seems like there’s some truth to that,” Isabela nodded thoughtfully. “To be honest, I need that Dragon’s Blood Ginseng to save a life. If possible, I’d like to buy it at a high price,” Dustin got straight to the point. He had been contemplating how to acquire the Dragon’s Blood Ginseng from the Torby family through the right channels. He didn’t expect an opportunity to come so quickly. “Hey, it’s just a herb, why bother with money? I’ll give it to you directly!” Isabela was quite generous. “Miss Isabela, the Dragon’s Blood Ginseng is extremely precious. I can’t accept it for free. Buying it with money would be more appropriate,” Dustin was not greedy. “Look at you, why are you saying that? You saved my life, and I’m giving you a herb. What’s the big deal? Come on, come back with me, and I’ll give it to you right away!” Isabela insisted. Seeing her enthusiasm, Dustin didn’t want to refuse. About half an hour later, the car stopped in front of the Torby family’s gate. After getting out of the car, Dustin followed Isabela into the Torby family’s estate. The Torby family’s mansion was grand and luxurious. In the coveted area of South City in Stonia, the entire family estate was built like a palace, magnificent and grand. For those unfamiliar with it, it was easy to get lost. Dustin and Isabela walked into the garden, where they saw a somewhat portly middle-aged man directing a group of servants, carefully pruning flowers and plants. “Mr. Benjamin, come over here.” Isabela waved at the middle-aged man.


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