Chapter 1334

Chapter 1334: Meet With Isabela Mother “Miss, do you have any orders?” The Torby family Butler rushed over, wearing a fawning smile. “I’m asking you, do we have a Dragon’s Blood Ginseng in our family?” Isabela inquired. “Yes, we do. It’s currently stored in the treasury,” the Butler Benjamin truthfully replied. “That’s good. Fetch it for me immediately,” Isabela instructed. “Miss, what do you need this item for?” The Butler cautiously asked. “Why do you care? I have my reasons!” Isabela was getting impatient. “Miss, to be honest, this item is part of the old master’s collection. It shouldn’t be used without his permission,” Benjamin explained, bowing his head. “You go and get it for me first, and I’ll talk to Grandfather afterward,” Isabela said. “This… it seems a bit irregular,” Benjamin hesitated. “Hey! You won’t even listen to my words?” Isabela glared and kicked the butler in the butt. “Please wait, Miss.” With no other choice, Benjamin had to quickly leave. “Little Divine Doctor, please have a seat and enjoy some tea while the item arrives,” Isabela smiled and led Dustin to a nearby pavilion, where they started to have tea and snacks. About ten minutes later, the butler returned, but this time he was accompanied by someone else. It was a woman in her thirties. She was dressed in a red qipao, her features were delicate, her figure was alluring and full, and her long black hair was elegantly arranged behind her head, giving her a dignified and noble appearance. As she moved gracefully, her two long white legs, like white lotus flowers, peeked out from the qipao’s slit, revealing a hint of allure. She truly exuded the charm of a mature woman. “Isabela.” A cold voice slowly emanated from the lips of the beautiful woman. Isabela, who was enjoying her snacks, shivered all over and turned stiffly, wearing a somewhat guilty expression. “Mom… Why are you here?” “If I didn’t come, wouldn’t you have turned the house upside down?” Sophia Torby said calmly. “How could that be? I’ve always been very obedient, you know?” Isabela forced a smile. She wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone except her mother. Even though her mother had never scolded or punished her, every time she saw her, Isabela inexplicably felt nervous. “Just now, I heard Benjamin say that you need Dragon’s Blood Ginseng. What are you planning to do?” Sophia Torby asked again. “N-nothing.” Isabela glared fiercely at the butler, then chuckled nervously. “A friend of mine needs Dragon’s Blood Ginseng to save someone life, so I wanted to help.” She extended her hand towards Dustin, who was standing nearby. “This is my friend, the young divine doctor. Last time, I was almost drowned, and he saved me in the nick of time, pulling me back from the brink of death.” “Is that so?” Sophia turned her gaze towards Dustin. While she appeared calm, there was a hint of scrutiny in her eyes. It was the gaze of someone in a higher position observing someone in a lower position. “I am Dustin Rhys. I greet you, Auntie,” Dustin stood up and greeted her with neither arrogance nor subservience. “You need the Dragon’s Blood Ginseng?” Sophia’s tone remained calm. “Yes, it’s for me,” Dustin nodded. “You saved my daughter’s life, and I’m grateful for that,” Sophia said, casting a brief glance at the butler, before calmly stating, “Benjamin, bring the item.” “Yes,” the butler replied and left once again. “Thank you, Mom!” Isabela’s face lit up, thinking that everything was settled. However, when the steward returned with the item, Isabela’s smile froze, and even Dustin couldn’t help but furrow his brows.


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