Chapter 1335

Chapter 1335: A New Offer The item that the butler brought was a box of gold bars. In the sunlight, they shimmered and sparkled, creating a visually stunning display that was more captivating than mere currency. “Dustin, this is a token of appreciation from my Torby family, also a reward for saving Isabela,” Sophia said calmly as she glanced at the gold bars. “Mom, what do you mean by this?” Isabela pouted, showing some dissatisfaction. “Our Torby family never owes anyone favors. Dustin saved you, and I am rewarding him generously. It’s only fair,” Sophia replied indifferently. “Auntie, I didn’t save her for money,” Dustin shook his head. “What? Do you find it insufficient?” Sophia raised an eyebrow and gestured. “Benjamin, bring another box.” “Yes.” The butler acknowledged and was about to leave again. “Mom!” Isabela couldn’t hold back any longer. “Not everything can be measured with money. The young divine doctor needs Dragon’s Blood Ginseng, a life-saving spiritual medicine, not a few gold bars!” “Dragon’s Blood Ginseng?” Sophia said with an expressionless face. “Do you know that it’s your grandfather’s treasure? A priceless item?” “What do you mean by priceless? It’s just a spiritual medicine!” Isabela retorted. “Moreover, the young divine doctor saved my life. Are you saying that in your eyes, my life is worth less than a single Dragon’s Blood Ginseng?” “Your life is undoubtedly valuable, but the contribution he has made doesn’t come close to warranting a Dragon’s Blood Ginseng,” Sophia said in a calm tone. “Doctors save lives to earn money, and his treatment of you deserves compensation, but that’s all there is to it. We shouldn’t give away all our precious possessions just because he saved you. Business is business, and it should not be elevated to a matter of sentiment. Do you understand?” “Mom, you… you lack compassion!” Isabela was getting angry. She hadn’t expected her mother to treat her life as a business transaction. “Auntie makes a reasonable point,” Dustin suddenly spoke up. “However, I urgently need Dragon’s Blood Ginseng. I hope Auntie can consider it. Of course, I won’t take it for free. I can purchase it with money or offer goods in exchange. I hope Auntie can accommodate this request.” “You’re a smart person,” Sophia nodded. “You can have the Dragon’s Blood Ginseng, but you must provide something of equivalent value.” “I wonder, Auntie, what do you need in exchange?” Dustin inquired. “I heard that you can produce a medicine called Jade Dew Ointment, and its effects are quite miraculous, capable of rapidly healing even severely infected wounds. Is this true?” Sophia asked. Since her daughter’s ordeal, she had investigated various people and matters, including Dustin, which had led to an unexpected discovery regarding the Jade Dew Ointment. “As a physician, you’re also knowledgeable in pharmacology. With a few modifications, you could reduce the side effects, right?” Sophia’s gaze carried a hint of deeper meaning. “I’m afraid that if we reduce the side effects, the efficacy of the medicine will be significantly compromised,” Dustin replied, not hiding the truth. Facing Sophia, a shrewd and perceptive woman, he couldn’t afford to be dishonest. Of course, the most crucial factor was that he had a favor to ask. He had no choice but to be straightforward. “If we reduce the side effects, what percentage of the medicine’s efficacy would remain?” Sophia inquired again. “Probably around thirty percent,” Dustin answered honestly. “Thirty percent? That should be sufficient,” Sophia nodded. “I’m quite interested in your Jade Dew Ointment. If you provide me with the modified formula, I’ll gift you the Dragon’s Blood Ginseng. How does that sound?” “Auntie, this is a formula passed down through my family, and I can’t sell it,” Dustin shook his head. “Everything has its corresponding value. Besides, this isn’t a sale; it’s a trade. Dragon’s Blood Ginseng is your precious lifesaving item. I believe your ancestors wouldn’t blame you,” Sophia replied with indifference. “Well…” Dustin feigned hesitation, taking a few seconds before appearing to make up his mind. He said, “Auntie, I can provide you with the Jade Dew Ointment formula, but one Dragon’s Blood Ginseng isn’t nearly enough. Unless you can offer me two more spiritual herbs.” “What else do you need?” Sophia squinted slightly.


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