Chapter 1336

Chapter 1336: A Trade “Ice Heart Lotus and Golden Marrow Jade,” Dustin named the medicinal herbs. With the influence of the Torby family, slightly stronger than that of the Stratford family, they should be able to locate these two spiritual herbs if they were willing to put in the effort. “Young man, you have quite the appetite. Both of these herbs are priceless treasures. You’re asking for three extraordinary spiritual herbs in exchange for a single formula. Isn’t that a bit too greedy?” Sophia frowned slightly, displaying her discontent. “Auntie, I dare not ask for more, but I can assure you that my modified Jade Dew Ointment formula is worth every bit of it. The profits it will bring to the Torby family will far exceed the value of three spiritual herbs,” Dustin assured. “Oh, really?” Sophia scrutinized Dustin closely, trying to discern something from his face. No evasion, no signs of guilt, only calmness. At least it showed that the person before her wasn’t lying. “Alright, I’ll trust you this time.” After contemplating for a few seconds, Sophia finally nodded. “Leave the Jade Dew Ointment formula behind, take the Dragon’s Blood Ginseng with you, and give me some time to procure the other two spiritual herbs. I’ll have someone deliver them to you later. How does that sound?” “One word is enough!” Dustin readily agreed. “Benjamin, bring the Dragon’s Blood Ginseng over and have someone fetch paper and pen,” Sophia ordered. “Yes,” the butler acknowledged with a nod, then left. Before long, he returned, carrying a jade box and placing it carefully on the table in the pavilion. He also brought paper and pen, setting them beside the jade box. Dustin approached the jade box, opened it, and found a blood-red ginseng inside. The ginseng was the size of a palm, with tightly packed roots and fine wrinkles, appearing like a ball of hair spread out. With just a slight inhalation, a unique fragrance could be detected. “It truly is a precious item!” Dustin’s eyes lit up. With his perception, he could distinctly sense the rich spiritual energy contained within this Dragon’s Blood Ginseng. “The Dragon’s Blood Ginseng is here; now, write down the formula,” Sophia reminded. Dustin nodded without further ado. He didn’t waste time and began to write down the modified Jade Dew Ointment formula, word by word. Despite the significant reduction in effectiveness after the modification, it still possessed miraculous properties when treating external injuries, surpassing the healing effects of the Golden Wound Medicine from the Healwell Clinic. Once it was available, it would undoubtedly bring the Torby family substantial profits. “Auntie, this is the prescription. Please review it,” Dustin handed over the written formula. “Hmm… not bad,” Sophia examined it carefully and nodded in satisfaction. With her keen eyesight, she couldn’t spot any issues for now. Of course, she was confident that he wouldn’t dare to deceive the Torby family. “Auntie, I urgently need two more spiritual herbs to save a life. I hope you can put in extra effort,” Dustin bowed slightly. “No problem. I’ll notify you immediately once there’s any information,” Sophia replied calmly. “Thank you, Auntie,” Dustin sighed in relief. With the full support of the Torby family, he believed it wouldn’t take long to find the whereabouts of the Ice Heart Lotus and Golden Marrow Jade. “Alright, the transaction is complete, everyone is happy. Little physician, let’s go!” Isabela didn’t want to linger any longer. She bid farewell and led Dustin away. She was somewhat displeased with her mother’s behavior. “Madam, the Ice Heart Lotus and Golden Marrow Jade are not ordinary items. Should I contact the Stratford family to use their connections?” the butler cautiously suggested. “No need, I didn’t plan to give them away anyway,” Sophia replied calmly. “Huh?” The butler was momentarily confused, struggling to comprehend. Was she changing her mind? “A nobody like him has no right to demand such a high price in front of me,” Sophia’s eyes turned colder, her tone still calm. “Benjamin, find some experts and retrieve the Dragon’s Blood Ginseng from him. We can’t let outsiders benefit from this treasure.” “Understood,” the butler said with a somewhat stunned expression. This seemed to be not just a change of mind, but a scheme to take advantage of the situation. It seemed that anyone trying to take advantage of the Torby family’s generosity would face harsh consequences.


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