Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337: Isabela in Anger “Miracle Doctor, I’m sorry,” Isabela said apologetically as they stood at the entrance of the Torby family mansion. “Originally, I should have given you this Dragon’s Blood Ginseng, but I didn’t expect my mother to show up and ruin my plan.” “You don’t need to blame yourself, Miss Isabela. If it weren’t for your help, I wouldn’t have obtained the Dragon’s Blood Ginseng, and I wouldn’t have been able to strike a deal with your mother. This outcome is already the best for me,” Dustin smiled. To exchange a torn prescription for three high-quality spiritual herbs was definitely a great deal. “Do you really think so?” Isabela’s spirits lifted. “Of course,” Dustin nodded with a smile. “Hehe, miracle doctor, you really suit my taste. Consider yourself my friend now!” Isabela laughed, showing her two small tiger teeth. “You haven’t eaten, have you? I know a restaurant with excellent food. Let’s go and try it together!” With that, she dragged Dustin into her car. “Master, master, there’s a phone call…” Suddenly, a cellphone rang. Isabela answered the call, and a deep voice came through. “Miss, we’ve got results on the investigation you requested. Young Master Owen from the Stratford family did indeed go to a hotel with a female celebrity a few days ago. Based on the surveillance footage, their behavior was intimate, suggesting a certain kind of relationship.” “Beast!” After hearing the report, Isabela was furious. She nearly smashed her phone. Her pretty face was filled with resentment. “This scum, he keeps talking about reforming himself, but he’s still entangled with that vixen. Does he think I don’t exist? I’ll have to castrate him this time!” She took out a short knife from somewhere, drew it out with a flash of cold light, and held it with a sharp edge. “I’m asking you, where is Owen right now?” Isabela yelled at the phone. At this moment, she had transformed from the sweet girl into a fierce tigress. “Miss, Young Master Owen is currently at the Imperial City Club for a gathering with friends,” the voice on the other end of the phone replied. “Driver! Head to the Imperial City Club immediately!” Isabela hung up the phone and shouted at the driver. The driver didn’t dare to say much. He stepped on the gas and headed straight for their destination. Isabela gripped the short knife tightly, and her trembling hands were not from anger but from sadness. Gradually, her anger was replaced by sorrow, and her beautiful eyes turned red with teary mist. “Miss Isabela, what happened?” Dustin inquired cautiously. Isabela turned away, wiped her tears, and her voice quivered as she spoke, “Two years ago, my parents arranged a marriage for me, and the groom was Owen Stratford from the Stratford family. Initially, I didn’t agree, but Owen pursued me vigorously, with sweet words and surprise gifts. Gradually, we became a couple. However, not long ago, I found out that Owen is a scumbag. He frequently cheats on me with other women. I was furious and decided to break up with him. At first, I thought that if he admitted his mistakes and sincerely repented, I would give him another chance. But instead, he spoke sweetly to my face and went behind my back to meet with that vixen at a hotel. I don’t understand why he treated me like this. What’s wrong with me?” As she spoke, Isabela choked up. She had treated him sincerely, but in return, she received betrayal and deceit. “Miss Isabela, it’s not your fault. Owen is the one who’s blind and doesn’t appreciate your worth. Men like him, it’s wise to let go of them when you can,” Dustin comforted her.


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