Chapter 1338

Chapter 1338: A Playboy Owen Stratford, this playboy, is a typical example of “a leopard can’t change its spots.” Luckily, Isabela discovered it early, and the two of them are not married yet. Otherwise, they would have regrets. “I know I should let go, but I can’t accept it!” Isabela, with her two small fangs, said indignantly, “He dares to treat me like this; I can’t let him off easily. I want to make him regret it. I want him to understand that losing me is the biggest loss of his life!” “How do you plan to do that?” Dustin asked. “He wants to find other women, right? Then I’ll find other men. I want to make him jealous, make him shine with jealousy!” Isabela sniffed and suddenly fixed her gaze on Dustin. “Little Divine Doctor, from now on, you’re my boyfriend. I want to declare my sovereignty in front of him!” “What?” Dustin’s face stiffened. “Miss Isabela, are you serious? We’ve just met.” “What’s wrong with just meeting? Do you think I’m not good enough for you?” Isabela pouted. “Miss Isabela, I already have a fiancée,” Dustin said helplessly. He knew very well that the girl in front of him was saying these impulsive words to get revenge at Owen. “So what if you have a fiancée? You’re not married yet, right?” Isabela grabbed Dustin’s hand and said somewhat stubbornly, “I don’t care. You must agree! At the very least, you have to act with me today and make Owen jealous!” “I can help you, but let me make it clear beforehand: it’s just acting, don’t take it seriously,” Dustin said with a hint of a headache. “No problem!” Isabela immediately smiled. She couldn’t wait to see Owen’s frustrated expression. At this moment, in the VIP room of the Imperial City Club. A group of young men and women were gathered, drinking and chatting. Among them, the leader was none other than Owen, the young master of the Stratford family. Owen was tall and handsome, dressed meticulously, and his hair was impeccably styled. From appearances alone, he was indeed a handsome and dashing man. Beside him, there was also a stunning woman with a hot figure and outstanding looks. She was wearing a tight red dress, her long, shapely legs covered in black stockings, and her body exuded grace and allure, making her extremely enticing. “Owen, didn’t you already get engaged? Aren’t you afraid your future wife will be angry when she sees you out with another woman so openly?” a chubby man teased with a smile. This man’s name was Brinkley Crawford, the eldest son of the Crawford family in the southern city. In this circle, his status was second only to Owen. “Hah! That old hag? I lost interest in her a long time ago. She has no feminine charm at all. If it weren’t for the family alliance, I wouldn’t even bother with her,” Owen said with a disdainful expression. “Owen, Isabela is a famous beauty in the southern city. Many men have admired her for a long time. You don’t know how fortunate you are!” Brinkley laughed. “Do you like her? Then she’s yours, I’m already tired of playing with her,” Owen said, raising his chin. “Owen, you’re indeed generous. If I get the chance, I’d really like to see what it’s like to be with the Torby family’s heiress,” Brinkley said with a lecherous smile. Just as the two were talking, there was a loud “bang,” and the door to the VIP room was kicked open by someone.


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