Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339: A Romantic Act When the door opened, everyone in the room was stunned and instinctively turned their gaze toward it. They saw Isabela, who was fashionable and sweet-looking, walking in with a cold expression on her face. Behind her, there was Dustin, walking casually. “Isabela?” “Miss Torby?” Upon seeing the newcomers, the atmosphere in the room changed instantly. Especially Owen, who withdrew his hand from the waist of the woman in the red dress as if he had been shocked by electricity. He immediately stood up and forced a smile, saying, “Isabela, why are you here?” “Why, you can come, but I can’t?” Isabela first glanced at the woman in the red dress and then fixed her gaze on Owen. Although she had mentally prepared herself before coming, seeing the intimate behavior of this couple still almost made her lose her temper. “Of course, you can come, but you should have informed me in advance so I could make some arrangements for you,” Owen said with a smile. “No need to trouble yourself; I just dropped by casually,” Isabela replied and then glanced at the nervous woman on the sofa. She asked casually, “Who is this beside you? Why does she look unfamiliar to me?” “Oh? You mean her? She’s Brinkley’s new girlfriend,” Owen said as he gave a signal to Brinkley, who was sitting nearby. Brinkley was momentarily taken aback but quickly caught on and, with a smile, attempted to smooth things over, “That’s right, that’s right, sister-in-law. Let me introduce her to you. This is my girlfriend, Samara, she’s from the entertainment industry.” “Hello, sister-in-law,” Samara hurriedly stood up and managed a smile. She had heard about the temper of the Troby family’s heiress and knew she had to be careful. Provoking such a big figure would definitely lead to trouble. “Brinkley’s girlfriend? Why is she sitting next to you?” Isabela questioned. “Oh, I just happen to be a fan of Miss Samara, so I asked her about some things related to movies. We were just having a chat, and then you walked in,” Owen explained with a smile before his expression turned serious. “Isabela, you’re not doubting me, are you? I swear on my honor; I’ve reformed and will never do anything to hurt you. I can swear to that!” “What you do here has nothing to do with me. I just came for fun,” Isabela said with a cold expression as she sat down on the empty spot on the sofa. The people around her instinctively moved away a bit. Even a fool could see that Torby Miss’s mood was not good. “Isabela…” Owen, with a thick skin, approached and sat next to Isabela. “What’s wrong today? If you’re not in a good mood, how about I accompany you for a stroll?” “Stay away from me!” Isabela glared, scaring Owen into not getting too close. “Humph! I want to go shopping. There are plenty of people who can accompany me. I don’t want to bother you, Young Master Owen.” Isabela said and then glanced at Dustin, giving him a sweet smile and patting the seat beside her. “Dustin, come, sit here.” Dustin had no choice but to sit down as she instructed. On the left was Owen, on the right was Isabela, and the three of them were like a sandwich. “Isabela, who is this person?” Owen gave Dustin a scrutinizing look, his expression not friendly. He had just thought Dustin was Isabela’s bodyguard, so he didn’t pay much attention to him. Now it seemed that their relationship might not be so simple. “Oh, this is Dustin, my male best friend,” Isabela smiled as she introduced. “Male best friend?” As soon as he heard this, Owen’s face immediately darkened. What kind of male best friend? Could it be a friend with benefits? In this day and age, it’s impossible for there to be pure friendship between a man and a woman in his eyes.


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