Chapter 1341

Chapter 1341: A Mystic Spell “Dustin, these guys have ill intentions, you don’t need to pay attention to them,” Isabela quickly advised. She volunteered because she was confident that Brinkley wouldn’t dare to act recklessly. But if Dustin were to step in, there was no guarantee that he wouldn’t embarrass himself. “Don’t worry, I know how to handle it.” Dustin smiled and looked at Brinkley, “I wonder how Mr. Brinkley wants me to cooperate?” “It’s very simple, give me a drop of your blood, and then a few strands of hair. After that, just follow my instructions,” Brinkley grinned. “Alright.” Dustin nodded, took out a silver needle, pierced his index finger, and squeezed a drop of blood into an empty cup. Then, he plucked a few strands of hair and tossed them into the cup, asking, “Is this sufficient?” “Perfect.” Brinkley smiled maliciously and exchanged a glance with Owen. Owen smiled and nodded, reclining comfortably on the sofa, as if he were watching a show. Brinkley’s abilities were well-known to him. Especially his methods of controlling people, once you fell under his influence, you were completely at his mercy. He couldn’t wait to see Dustin in a miserable state. “Please wait a moment, everyone. This is a secret technique of our sect and must not be disclosed to outsiders,” Brinkley said, holding the cup containing the hair and blood. “Hmph! Playing tricks!” Isabela sneered, quite disdainful. She never believed in supernatural things and always felt that they were just tricks used by a bunch of charlatans. Five minutes later. Brinkley walked out of the bathroom, holding a yellow talisman paper in his hand. The talisman paper was covered with strange symbols that really looked authentic. “Mr. Dustin, please close your eyes and relax your whole body,” Brinkley said as he approached. “Okay,” Dustin responded. He then slowly closed his eyes and relaxed his entire body. Isabela furrowed her brows, wanting to say something but ultimately chose to watch and see what would happen. She wanted to see what kind of trick these people were playing. “Go!” Brinkley held the talisman paper in one hand, silently chanted a few incantations, and then slapped Dustin’s chest with his palm. The next moment, Dustin’s head seemed to lose strength and slowly drooped. He appeared to be in a state of unconsciousness. Seeing this scene, Brinkley smirked and said, “From now on, you will obey my commands. First, stand up and take a look.” Dustin, with his eyes closed, stood up slowly as instructed. “Turn in place twice,” Brinkley ordered again. Dustin obediently followed, turning twice as instructed. “Very good,” Brinkley nodded with a smile. He picked up a cup of wine from the table and handed it to Dustin, saying, “Drink it.” Dustin took the wine glass without hesitation and drank it all in one gulp. Witnessing this, the onlookers couldn’t help but express their amazement. “What the heck? What’s going on? This guy is completely submissive to Brinkley?” “Could this be Brinkley’s magic? It’s incredibly impressive!” “A single talisman can control a person’s actions? This is truly eye-opening!” A group of wealthy youngsters whispered to each other, showing astonishment on their faces. Although they knew Brinkley was up to something, they didn’t expect it to be such a bizarre method. “Brinkley! What have you done? Wake Dustin up right now!” Isabela shouted. At first, she had her doubts, but seeing Dustin being controlled, she immediately realized that something was wrong. “Sister-in-law, don’t worry. Once I finish the spell, he will naturally wake up,” Brinkley said with a faint smile. “No! We must wake him up right now!” Isabela insisted, reaching out to touch Dustin. “Wait!” Brinkley suddenly shouted, giving a stern warning. “Sister-in-law, once the spell is cast, it must be completed. If you forcibly wake him up, you could potentially turn him into an imbecile!” “What?!” Isabela was startled and quickly withdrew her hand.


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