Chapter 1342

Chapter 1342: Out of Control “Isabela, relax, we’re just playing around, we won’t harm him,” Owen reassured. “Hmph! It’s better be that way!” Isabela frowned but ultimately held back. She was mostly worried that her impulsiveness would harm Dustin. “Brinkley, have you already controlled this person?” a girl asked. “Of course!” Brinkley proudly smiled. “He’s now just a walking corpse, no pain, no memory. He does whatever I say, completely obedient, and there’s no recollection afterward.” “Really? Then, can you make him slap himself?” the girl asked with anticipation. “No problem.” Brinkley grinned maliciously and turned to Dustin, ordering, “Now, use your hand and give yourself a good slap.” “Brinkley! You—” Isabela was about to stop it, but Dustin had already raised his hand. Then, in the shocked eyes of everyone, he slapped Brinkley directly in the face. “Smack!” The slap was incredibly forceful, causing Brinkley to stagger, his head spinning, and blood flowing from his nose. “Ah?” The sudden turn of events left everyone dumbfounded. Wasn’t he supposed to slap himself? How did it end up on Brinkley’s face? “??” Brinkley was completely baffled, holding his burning face, finding it hard to believe. He wondered if he had given the wrong command or if Dustin hadn’t heard him at all. “Hey! Listen to me carefully. I told you to slap yourself!” Brinkley’s face couldn’t take it, and he raised his voice. “Smack!” Dustin raised his hand again and delivered another slap to Brinkley’s face, leaving him dizzy and causing teeth to fly. Brinkley’s once plump face swelled up like a steamed bun, and the imprint of Dustin’s five fingers was clearly visible. Isabela was stunned. Owen was also stunned. The wealthy kids around them wore expressions of shock, utterly confused. Weren’t he supposed to be completely obedient? Why wasn’t this going according to plan? “Damn! Are you deaf or something?” Brinkley wiped away his nosebleed and shouted in frustration. “I told you to slap yourself, not me!” “Smack!” Without any extra movements, Dustin delivered another forceful slap to Brinkley’s face. This slap was so powerful that it sent Brinkley spinning in place before he fell to the ground, face down, in an embarrassing heap. “Damn it! Are you trying to rebel? Let me show you a lesson today!” Brinkley, infuriated, got up and grabbed a bottle from the coffee table, intending to smash it onto Dustin’s head. But before he could do anything, Dustin slapped him across the face again, and he saw stars. “You, you…” “Smack!” “You bastard…” “Smack!” “I…” “Smack!” With each word Brinkley uttered, a slap landed on his face. By the end of it, his nose was crooked, his mouth was askew, and his appearance was beyond pitiful. Forced into helplessness, he could only curl up on the ground, holding his head in his hands and whimpering repeatedly, “Please stop, please stop… I was wrong, I was wrong… please, stop!” Dustin remained oblivious to everything, his eyes closed as he continued to unleash violence, delivering a barrage of punches and kicks as if possessed. “Quick! Stop him!” Seeing the situation deteriorate, Owen urgently ordered a few of his henchmen to intervene. However, as soon as the henchmen approached, Dustin sent them flying with a single slap each, causing them to tumble helplessly. The situation had completely spiraled out of control.


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