Chapter 1343

Chapter 1343: Undo The Spell “Damn it! What’s going on? Is this guy gone crazy?” Watching Dustin behaving as if possessed, Owen furrowed his brows, his expression turning ugly. Unfortunately, he didn’t dare to approach, fearing he’d receive a slap too. In that moment, Owen seemed to think of something and shouted urgently, “Brinkley! This guy has lost control. Quickly remove the spell!” “Undo, undo, undo the spell!” Brinkley gritted his teeth in pain and quickly tore off the talisman on Dustin’s chest. The next moment, Dustin shivered all over and immediately stopped his actions. Everyone let out a sigh of relief; they had finally resolved the situation. Damn, this guy was incredibly strong when out of control, and ordinary people couldn’t restrain him at all. “What happened?” After a few breaths, Dustin slowly opened his eyes and looked around, wearing a bewildered expression. “What just happened?” He looked from left to right, noticing the strange looks on their faces. “Huh… What happened to your faces?” The several young men who had been slapped were grinding their teeth with anger but didn’t dare to react. They pretended to know nothing. “Ah! Mr. Brinkley! How did you get hurt like this?” Dustin lowered his head to take a look, and he was shocked. He quickly helped the bruised and swollen Brinkley to his feet and asked with concern, “Who attacked you? They were too harsh! Look at this handsome face, it’s been ruined! This is truly despicable!” Brinkley’s face twitched uncontrollably, tears streamed down, and he was crying. Damn! This was just too frustrating! If it were any other person who dared to hit him like this, he would have been furious long ago. But the problem was that he had initiated this with his witchcraft, and it had gone out of control, leading to the current situation. To put it bluntly, he had brought this upon himself. Dealing with this kind of situation, he could only swallow his pride. “Brinkley, why are you crying too? Here, let me wipe your tears for you.” Dustin pulled out two tissues and offered to wipe Brinkley’s tears, being exceptionally considerate. “Get away from me! Stay far away!” Brinkley, covering his face, took two steps back, looking as frightened as a startled bird. The barrage of slaps had left a deep impression on him. “What’s going on?” Dustin pretended to be clueless. “Why is everyone looking at me like this? What happened?” “Cough, cough…” Isabela cleared her throat twice, her expression somewhat peculiar. “Dustin, you were just controlled by Brinkley with some mystic arts, but then you unexpectedly lost control, and you went on a rampage, violently attacking Brinkley.” “What? Lost control? Went on a rampage?” Dustin feigned surprise. “Are you serious? You mean I caused the injuries on Brinkley’s face?” “Exactly,” Isabela nodded. “No wonder… no wonder my hand hurts so much.” Dustin rubbed his palm, then looked at Brinkley and said with a serious tone, “Mr. Brinkley, you should be more careful when practicing your arts. Look, you’ve pushed me to lose control. Well… let’s just consider today’s incident as a lesson.” “You…!” Brinkley was about to start swearing, but as he opened his mouth, his teeth started falling out with a “crack, crack” sound. He immediately covered his mouth, fearing that he would soon be searching the floor for


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