Chapter 1344

Chapter 1344: Did It On Purpose “Alright, let’s put an end to this for today,” Isabela slowly stood up and glanced at Owen. She said deliberately, “I have to have lunch with Dustin, so I won’t keep you company here. I wish you all a good time.” With that, she linked her arm with Dustin’s and confidently walked out of the VIP room. Leaving behind a group of people staring at each other, their faces gloomy. The little bit of good mood they had just now had been completely destroyed. “Brinkley, my friend, are you okay?” Owen checked Brinkley’s injuries and saw that he was in a miserable state. His entire face had been disfigured, making his already unattractive features even uglier. “Damn it! That guy went way too far. I’ve never been humiliated like this!” Brinkley gritted his few remaining teeth, full of resentment. “Originally, I wanted you to deal with that guy, but you ended up getting yourself into this mess,” Owen shook his head. If you weren’t skilled, you shouldn’t show off. It was truly embarrassing. “This is weird. My mind control witchcraft has always worked flawlessly, but today, there seems to have been a glitch,” Brinkley frowned, deep in thought. “Is there a possibility… that the guy named Dustin was intentionally acting?” Suddenly, Samara, the lady in the red dress, chimed in. “Intentionally acting?” When this statement was made, everyone’s gaze turned to her. “I find it strange. Even if he lost control, should he really have grabbed Brinkley and started hitting him?” Samara analyzed. “That makes sense,” Owen rubbed his chin, pondering, “That kid looked polite on the surface, but he seems quite shrewd underneath. We can’t rule out the possibility that he did it on purpose.” “Really?” Brinkley furrowed his brow. “My mind control art has never failed. Master Hudson said that as long as the other person isn’t from the same realm, they shouldn’t be able to resist.” “Nothing in this world is absolute. Maybe that kid had some strange methods,” Owen squinted his eyes and said, “Brinkley, my friend, think about it carefully. A normal person, why would they willingly become a guinea pig? He not only didn’t resist, but he also agreed willingly. Doesn’t that strike you as odd?” “Come to think of it, that does seem a bit off,” Brinkley began to ponder. In the elite circles of Stonia, talent abounded, and many remarkable individuals could be found within the city. Unexpectedly encountering fellow practitioners wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. “Brinkley, my friend, it seems like we’ve been set up today. The attack was so ruthless. If we don’t regain our reputation, how can we show our faces in the future?” Owen’s expression turned dark. “Damn it! I swear I won’t let this go!” Brinkley slammed the table, but the motion was too forceful, and it pulled at his wounds, causing him to grimace in pain. “Miss Isabela seems to hold Dustin in high regard. It might not be easy to make a move against him,” Samara commented. “Isabela is indeed a problem, but we can take care of it discreetly,” Owen said with a cold smile. “He’s just a pretty boy without power or influence. As long as we deal with him quietly, there won’t be any trouble.” “Exactly! Isabela can protect him for a while, but not forever. Sooner or later, I’ll kill him!” Brinkley declared with a menacing tone. “Brinkley, my friend, to keep things low-profile, it might be best to get Master Hudson involved in this matter. With his abilities, I believe he can easily resolve it,” Owen suggested. “No problem! I’ll contact Master Hudson right away. Within three days, I’ll make sure that guy has no place to hide!” Brinkley’s eyes flashed with malice. As the esteemed young master of the Crawford family, being beaten like this required some severe retribution. If he didn’t make an example of this situation, how could he maintain any face in their social circle? “Hmph! Dare to steal a woman from me? You’re truly seeking your own death!” Owen’s lips curled into a cold smile.


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