Chapter 1345

Chapter 1345: Lucky Star “Hahaha… Little Divine Doctor, those slaps you delivered earlier were truly beautiful. You turned Brinkley’s chubby face into a pig’s head. It’s so hilarious!” Isabela laughed heartily as they walked out of the Imperial City Club, her previous gloom completely gone. Originally, she had brought Dustin here to assert her dominance and intentionally provoke Owen. She didn’t expect the results to turn out so unexpectedly well. Not only did she disgust the scumbag, but she also taught a lesson to his group of friends. It was a satisfying release of frustration. “All in all, they brought this upon themselves. If they hadn’t harbored malicious intentions, they wouldn’t have ended up like this,” Dustin said with a faint smile. “What can I say? They tried to steal a chicken but lost their rice!” Isabela couldn’t help but chuckle. She knew very well that Brinkley had intentionally targeted Dustin, but due to his lack of expertise, he accidentally lost control. In the end, not only did he fail to harm Dustin, but he also suffered the consequences. It was poetic justice! “These people aren’t good folks. You should avoid associating with them in the future,” Dustin cautioned. Rakes like Brinkley, who could learn witchcraft, definitely had someone knowledgeable guiding them. Innocent young ladies like Isabela were easy prey for them. “Don’t worry; I can handle them easily,” Isabela said confidently. “Little Divine Doctor, I’ve noticed that you seem to be my lucky star. You saved me before, and now you’ve helped me again. Being with you makes me feel incredibly lucky!” “I also owe you for obtaining the Dragon’s Blood Ginseng,” Dustin smiled. “Hehe… So, does that mean we’re mutually beneficial? Great! From today onwards, you’re my best male friend!” Isabela put her hands on her hips and declared with a triumphant tone. Dustin could only smile lightly. This girl had absolutely no sense of caution. “Master, master, there’s a call for you…” At that moment, Isabela’s phone rang suddenly. After answering the call, her expression changed immediately. “What? Grandfather is in trouble? Alright, alright… I’ll be back right away!” She hung up the phone and rushed into her car in a hurry. As she was about to drive off, she seemed to remember something, stuck her head out of the car window, and quickly said, “Little Divine Doctor, something has come up at home, and I need to go back. We’ll have dinner together another day!” “Alright, take care,” Dustin nodded and waved goodbye, watching Isabela’s car speed away. At that moment, Dustin’s eyelid twitched as if he sensed something. He suddenly turned his head and glanced at a car parked nearby. The vehicle was stationary at the side of the road, with its windows unusually dark, making it impossible to see what was inside clearly. However, he had a distinct feeling of being observed. “Hum—!” After staring for a few seconds, the vehicle suddenly started its engine and quickly drove away. Dustin snorted coldly, already forming a plan in his mind. It seemed he was being followed. Was it the Stratford family? Or the Grantwood family? Dustin didn’t think on it too much. He hailed a taxi by the roadside and headed straight for the hotel. “Ring, ring, ring…” Suddenly, his phone rang. He checked it and saw it was a call from the Southern Province, and the caller was displayed as “Maximus Kane.” “Hello! Brother Dustin, I’ve got good news to tell you. I’m in Stonia!” Maximus’s excited voice came through as soon as Dustin answered. “Why did you come to Stonia instead of staying in Millsburg?” Dustin found it odd. Before leaving, he had appointed Maximus as the head of the Flame Dragon Hall, and he was already a prominent figure in the provincial capital. “Master Cornelius said that you’re traveling alone, and it might be inconvenient for you, so he sent us to help you with some miscellaneous matters,” Maximus explained with a cheerful tone. “Us?” Dustin quickly caught the keyword. “Besides you, who else is with you?”


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