Chapter 1346

Chapter 1346: Darkness In Past “There’s also Caitlin,” Maximus replied, “Ever since Senior old drunken Gregory left, Caitlin has been feeling lonely at home, so she decided to join me on this adventure. We’ve never been to Stonia before, and we’ve heard it’s a place of great talent and opportunity, so we wanted to see it for ourselves.” “While Stonia is indeed a place of talent, it can also be quite treacherous. Just the two of you, you might not even know if you’ve been tricked,” Dustin remarked without holding back. “Don’t worry, we have you, Brother Dustin. With you around, we fear nothing,” Maximus said with a smile. “Alright, stop with the flattery. Where are you guys now?” Dustin asked. “We just got off the train at the South Station,” Maximus replied. “Stay where you are; I’ll come to pick you up,” Dustin said and instructed his driver to head to the South Station. An hour later, the vehicle arrived at the South Station entrance. “Brother Dustin, over here!” As soon as Dustin stepped out of the car, he saw Maximus and Caitlin waving enthusiastically. They had brought a lot of luggage, and it looked more like they were moving than going on a trip. “Why did you bring so much stuff?” Dustin asked, dumbfounded. “It’s better to be prepared; we can use everything we brought,” Maximus replied with a grin. It was their first time visiting the capital, Stonia, and they were naturally excited and a bit nervous, so they had made full preparations. “Alright, let’s find a place to stay first, and then we can go eat together,” Dustin suggested. He reached out to help Caitlin with her luggage, but she shook her head and refused, saying, “Mr. Dustin, you have a distinguished status. Let me handle the heavy lifting.” With determination, she single-handedly loaded the luggage onto the car, even though she was out of breath and visibly exhausted. Dustin couldn’t help but shake his head in resignation. Caitlin hadn’t changed a bit. She had grown up accustomed to hard work, so she couldn’t stand idly by and let others do the heavy lifting. Once they were in the car, Dustin led them back to his hotel. The hotel was a five-star establishment, although not the most luxurious in Stonia’s southern district, it was still quite expensive. Upon entering the hotel, Caitlin couldn’t help but look around in awe, her eyes sparkling with excitement. Seeing the attention from others, Caitlin immediately lowered her head and covered her face with her bag, appearing somewhat self-conscious. “Mr. Dustin, how much does it cost to stay here for one night?” Caitlin timidly asked as Dustin checked them in. “This is a prime location. For a regular single room, it’s about 250 dollar per night,” Dustin casually replied. “What? That’s so expensive!” Caitlin was shocked, frozen in her tracks. Back when she worked for others, she couldn’t earn 250 dollar even after working hard for a whole month. Now, just for one night’s stay, she had to spend this much money. This was difficult for her to accept, given her frugal nature. “Caitlin, don’t worry about it. Brother Dustin isn’t short of money. Just relax and stay here,” Maximus reassured her with a smile. “No… it’s too expensive!” Caitlin shook her head repeatedly. “Mr. Dustin, this place isn’t suitable for me. I won’t stay here. I’ll go outside to find a cheaper place.” With that, she picked up her bags and hurriedly left the hotel. Her panicked appearance made it seem as if the hotel was some kind of dangerous place. Dustin and Maximus exchanged glances, feeling both amused and helpless. While they understood her reluctance, they couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Caitlin had suffered too much and experienced too much darkness in her past, to the point that when a ray of light finally appeared, she was hesitant to embrace it.


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