Chapter 1347

Chapter 1347: Buy A Villa Dustin didn’t force Caitlin to stay in a star-rated hotel. Instead, he bought a villa for them in a relatively secluded location. It was a two-story villa, fully furnished, with a small garden. They paid for it and moved in right away. Dustin thought it would be convenient to have a place to stay in Stonia for some time. Renting an apartment or staying in a hotel might not be as convenient, so he decided to buy a villa. Money was not an issue for him at the moment. Once they settled into the villa, Caitlin felt more at ease. She heard that property prices in Stonia had been on the rise, so buying a house was a good investment. Plus, having a place where she could cook her own meals would save her money in the long run. After taking care of all the arrangements, it was already dark outside. Dustin and Maximus were quite hungry. Fortunately, Caitlin had been considerate enough to buy groceries in advance, and she prepared a sumptuous dinner for the two of them. There were five dishes and a soup, with a mix of meat and vegetables, and they were all delicious. Dustin couldn’t help but admit that Caitlin’s cooking skills were impressive. She could turn simple ingredients into a delightful meal. After dinner, Caitlin cleaned up the dishes on her own, showing her thoughtfulness. Dustin and Maximus went to the balcony, enjoying the night view and chatting. Suddenly, Dustin’s phone rang with a familiar and cold voice on the other end: Roselyn. “Dustin, come to the Comcast Tower as soon as possible. I have something important to discuss with you.” “Can’t you tell me over the phone? I’m busy, and I don’t have time to run around,” Dustin replied casually. “This matter is very important. If you don’t come, you’ll regret it,” Roselyn said sternly. “I’ll hang up if you don’t talk,” Dustin said, not wanting to waste any more time on her. He had never had a good impression of this woman. “Wait! Don’t you want to know why Mr. Lorenzo is in Healwell Clinic?” Roselyn quickly added. “Hmm?” Dustin’s eyes narrowed. “What do you mean? Explain yourself.” “I know some secrets about Mr. Lorenzo. Come to the Comcast Tower before nine o’clock tonight, or the opportunity will be lost,” Roselyn replied. “Alright, I’ll be there in a while,” Dustin responded quickly. Meeting Roselyn in the middle of the night was definitely not without ulterior motives. However, Dustin was more curious about the secrets she mentioned. Could it be that there was something that Dr. Elijah was hiding from him? “Maximus, come with me,” Dustin said and took Maximus out of the door. He couldn’t afford to miss any information related to uncle Lorenzo and the mysteries surrounding the past. Half an hour later, Dustin and Maximus arrived at the Comcast Tower. The Comcast Tower, on the surface, was a private club, but it operated as an underground casino. It was a members-only establishment, and regular people couldn’t enter. Despite strict anti-gambling laws in Stonia, the fact that such a luxurious casino could operate openly in the city center showed the tremendous influence of its behind-the-scenes owner. Roselyn had probably made prior arrangements, as Dustin and Maximus were guided in without any issues. They walked through the bustling and opulent gambling hall and finally entered a VIP room. Compared to the noisy main hall, the VIP room was a different world—elegant, exquisite, quiet, and harmonious.


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