Chapter 1348

Chapter 1348: Comcast Tower Inside, there were over a dozen gambling tables of various kinds, and a few wealthy patrons sat scattered around them. Each patron had a dedicated beautiful waitress to cater to their every need, handling everything except gambling. The service was meticulous and considerate, and the guests who entered the VIP room were either rich or noble, casually betting tens of thousands or even millions. Those who were more extravagant would bet tens of millions or more. This was a world that ordinary people could never step into in their lifetime. Upon entering the VIP room, Dustin immediately spotted two familiar faces sitting at the central table, Carlos and Roselyn. Given Roselyn’s status, she clearly couldn’t enter the VIP room. The person who had arranged this meeting with Dustin was likely Carlos. “Hey! Dustin, you’re here? Come, let’s play a few rounds together,” Carlos stood up enthusiastically and invited Dustin to take a seat. While his face wore a brilliant smile, there was a hint of coldness in his eyes. “Mr. Carlos, you asked to meet me, so what’s the matter?” Dustin got straight to the point. “No rush, let’s play for a while first, then we’ll talk business,” Carlos smiled and called a waitress over. “Fetch five million worth of chips for this gentleman and put it on my tab.” “Yes, sir.” The beautiful waitress responded and soon brought several dozen crystal chips. “Dustin, feel free to play today. If you win, it’s all yours; if you lose, it’s on me!” Carlos said in a generous tone. “I don’t like gambling, and I don’t like beating around the bush. If you have something to discuss, Mr. Carlos, please get straight to the point,” Dustin remained unfazed. This kind of place was a paradise for gamblers, but he had no interest in it. “Dustin, you’re indeed a straightforward person,” Carlos chuckled and continued, “The main reason for inviting you here today is to introduce you to a big shot. If you have him as your backer in the future, you can dominate the Southern City area with ease!” “Oh? Who is this person?” Dustin asked in return. “This big shot is none other than the owner of the Comcast Tower, Mark Walter, Mr. Mark!” Carlos said with a hint of pride in his tone. “I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of him,” Dustin replied casually. “Hmph! You don’t even know Mr. Mark? How ignorant!” Roselyn sneered with disdain. In the Southern City area, Mr. Mark, known as Mark Walter, was a dominant figure. He was the only one who dared to challenge the two major aristocratic families, the Stratford and Torby families. Anyone with a bit of knowledge would know who Mr. Mark was. “Is Mr. Mark really that formidable? I wonder if his head can withstand my sword,” Maximus coldly interjected. “Dustin, is this guy your friend?” Carlos gave Maximus a scrutinizing look and said with a hint of hostility, “Kid, you better watch your mouth. This is Mr. Mark’s territory. If you’re not careful, you’ll lose your life!” Maximus was about to say something else when Dustin raised his hand to stop him. “I’m not interested in getting to know Mr. Mark. I just want to know about Lorenzo.” As soon as he finished speaking, the doors to the VIP room suddenly swung open. Following that, a burly middle-aged man in a suit entered confidently. The man was smoking a cigar and had an imposing figure, giving off an immense sense of pressure even just by standing there. The newcomer was none other than Mark Walter, the owner of the Comcast Tower and the underground overlord of the Southern City. “Mr. Mark Walter is here, and you’re in luck!” Carlos grinned wickedly, looking like he was ready to enjoy the show. “Mark Walter, hello!” “Mark Walter, hello!” As Mark Walter entered the room, all the gamblers in the VIP room stood up and greeted him with great respect. “Carry on, everyone,” Mark Walter said, pressing his hand down and then walking toward Carlos. He looked down at Carlos and asked, “Carlos, have you brought me the person I asked for?” “Dustin, I would never dare to defy Mr. Mark’s orders,” Carlos smiled obsequiously and gestured toward Dustin. “Here he is, the person you wanted to find!”


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