Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349: Formula Already Sold “Oh? Is that so?” Mark Walter followed Carlos’s gesture, his gaze locking onto Dustin. He carefully observed Dustin, his eyes carrying an invisible aggressiveness. “Young and talented, indeed,” Mark Walter chuckled. “Don’t just stand there, have a seat. We have something to discuss.” With those words, he plopped down on the nearby sofa and took a glass of red wine from a passing server, drinking it all in one go, displaying his extravagance. “Dustin, this is the renowned Mr. Mark Walter. Make sure to make a good impression; don’t miss this opportunity,” Carlos said with a smirk. “So, you brought me out here to meet Mr. Mark?” Dustin said calmly. “Young man, I had Carlos summon you here because I want to discuss a deal with you,” Mark said as he took a deep drag from his cigar and then exhaled a smoke ring. The smoke ring floated lightly towards Dustin’s face but shattered suddenly, disappearing into thin air just a foot away from him. “A deal?” Dustin asked. “Smart! I like talking to clever people,” Mark snapped his fingers and grinned. “Since you already know what I’m after, why don’t you tell me your price? I don’t negotiate.” “Mr. Mark, I can’t sell you the formula for the Jade Dew Ointment,” Dustin replied flatly. “Oh? Do you think I can’t afford it?” Mark squinted slightly. “Young man, a third of the economy in the entire Southern City is under Mr. Mark’s control, and his wealth exceeds your imagination!” Carlos chimed in. “Young man, there aren’t many things that interest me, and even fewer people I’d consider negotiating with. This is your chance to rise from a nobody to a somebody. Seize it wisely,” Mark said, smiling, but his eyes held a hint of warning. “It’s not a matter of price. I’ve already sold the formula for the Jade Dew Ointment,” Dustin replied, shrugging. “What? Sold it?” Carlos’s eyes widened, and he became visibly excited. “Who did you sell it to? Why didn’t you say so earlier?” He had gone to great lengths and even invited Mr. Mark himself just to obtain the formula. He couldn’t believe that Dustin had sold it to someone else. “To the Torby family,” Dustin replied. “The Torby family?” Upon hearing this, Carlos immediately frowned. The Torby family was one of the eight prominent families in Stonia, and it wouldn’t be easy to wrestle the formula from them. “Young man, how much did the Torby family pay you? I’m willing to offer double,” Mark suddenly spoke up. With his power and the support he had, he was not afraid of the Torby family. “Business is business. Once the formula has been sold, I can’t go back on it. If Mr. Mark wants it, you can negotiate with the Torby family,” Dustin replied. “Young man, if you could sell it to the Torby family, you can certainly sell it to me. Double the money for one formula, doesn’t that sound tempting?” Mark chuckled. “That’s right! Your deal with Mr. Mark is private. The Torby family won’t know about it. After you receive the money and provide the formula, you can live carefree and travel wherever you want for the rest of your life,” Carlos tried to persuade him gently. “If the Torby family finds out that I sold the formula to you as well, I’m afraid I won’t have a peaceful life, even with the money,” Dustin shook his head. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you from the Torby family’s retaliation. They won’t dare to touch you,” Mark Walter said confidently. “Mr. Mark, are you really willing to risk a feud with the Torby family for someone unrelated to you?” Dustin asked, with a meaningful tone. “Hehe… you are indeed a clever person,” Mark Walter extinguished his cigar and placed it in the ashtray. He smiled and said, “While I won’t engage in a conflict with the Torby family for your sake, I can promise to make sure they won’t find you. That should ensure your safety.” “Mr. Mark, I can’t rely on others for my safety, so I must apologize,” Dustin shook his head firmly.


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