Chapter 1350

Chapter 1350: Clear Threat Upon hearing this, Mark Walter’s smile gradually faded, and his gaze became sharp. “Young man, I hate it when people reject me, especially repeatedly. I’ve been patient enough. You better not disappoint me.” His words carried a clear threat. “Young man, those who understand the situation are the wisest. If you earn Mr. Mark’s favor, you should consider it an honor. If you continue to be stubborn, you might end up in hot water!” Carlos warned. “Enough talk,” Mark was growing impatient. “Today, I’m taking the recipe for the Jade Dew Ointment. If you hand it over honestly, you’ll not only be safe but also receive a substantial sum of money.” “What if I refuse?” Dustin asked. “You refuse?” Mark sneered, not saying more, but clapped his hands. Clap, clap! As the applause rang out, the door to the VIP room suddenly swung open. Following that, a group of burly men in suits stormed in aggressively, numbering at least forty to fifty. Each of them exuded a menacing air, resembling a pack of wolves. “Kid, this is my turf. With a word from me, I can determine your life or death,” Mark stood up slowly, looking down at Dustin. “Today, if you don’t hand over the recipe, I’m afraid you won’t leave through that door!” “Mr. Mark, I don’t want trouble, but if you keep pushing, don’t blame me for smashing your Comcast Club!” Dustin replied in a cold tone. Upon hearing this, Mark was initially taken aback, but then he burst into hearty laughter, as if he had heard the greatest joke. “Damn! Is this kid crazy? He actually dares to challenge Mr. Mark?” “He’s really fearless!” Some of the guests in the hall abandoned their gambling and watched the scene with great interest. “Heh! Ignorant fool!” Carlos sneered, looking at Dustin as if he were an idiot. With his arms folded, Mark Walter wore an expression of schadenfreude. “Kid, do you know what you’re saying?” After laughing, Mark’s face suddenly turned cold. “Just because of that statement, do you believe that I could shoot you dead right now?” As Mark’s gun was aimed at Dustin’s forehead, Dustin remained motionless, as if nothing had happened. He calmly said, “Mr. Mark, your gun’s safety is off.” “You damn—” Mark Walter was about to react when suddenly, a sultry and seductive female voice gently floated in. “Mr. Mark, what’s got you so angry? You even have to resort to using your weapon?” Following the voice, a woman wearing a silver body-hugging skirt and crystal high-heeled shoes gracefully entered the room. She walked with a sway of her hips. The woman had fiery red lips, a breathtaking face, and a seductive figure. Her brown wavy hair cascaded down her shoulders, and her long, slender legs crossed as she walked, each step seemingly planted on the hearts of the men present. She carried a stylish designer handbag in her left hand and held a women’s cigarette in her right hand. A flirtatious smile played on her lips. Her presence exuded charm and sensuality, incredibly alluring. “Hazel?” Upon seeing her, Carlos immediately furrowed his brow. It was quite a coincidence to run into this detested woman in such a place.


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