Chapter 1351

Chapter 1351: Pleasant Surprise “Hey, Mr. Mark Walter, everyone comes to Comcast Tower to have a good time. Why are you starting such a big fire?” Hazel swayed her waist and approached gracefully, with a charming smile. As soon as she appeared, she attracted everyone’s attention. Her figure and looks were already outstanding, and combined with her unique charm, she was like a bewitching fox spirit in human form. “Miss Hazel, I have something to deal with. If you want to play, I can arrange another room for you,” Mark restrained his aggressiveness a bit, but he still held onto his gun. “But, Mr. Mark, to be honest, this handsome guy here is my friend. I hope you can give him some face and let him go,” Hazel smiled as she walked up, taking hold of Dustin’s arm in a rather intimate manner. Although Dustin found it strange, he didn’t deny it. After all, she was helping him, and he couldn’t embarrass her in front of everyone. “Friend?” Mark Walter looked around and said coldly, “Miss Hazel, your friend is quite audacious. Not only did he refuse me several times, but he also threatened to destroy my Comcast Tower. He’s showing no respect at all!” “Oh? Is that so?” Hazel raised her head and looked at Dustin with surprise. This guy was really bold to confront Mark Walter head-on. “Mr. Mark, my friend is young and impulsive, not very familiar with the rules. I’ll apologize for him. I hope you, as a big-hearted person, can let it slide,” Hazel said with a smile. “I can let him go, but he has to give up the formula. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not giving face!” Mark said coldly. “The formula?” Hazel was puzzled. It seemed that there was more than just a verbal conflict between the two. “I’ll say it again, I won’t sell the formula to you,” Dustin firmly refused. Since Mark Walter had drawn his gun, there was no room for negotiation between the two sides. “Miss Hazel, did you hear that? Your friend doesn’t know what’s good for him!” Mark’s face darkened, and he pushed his gun forward slightly. “Mr. Mark, calm down. It’s just a formula, right? Let me talk to him.” Hazel smiled and reached out to lower the gun’s muzzle. Then she leaned in close to Dustin’s ear and whispered, “Young man, Mark Walter is known for being ruthless. No matter what the formula is, just give it to him. Otherwise, today, I might not even be able to save you.” “Miss Hazel, I appreciate your kindness, but I won’t compromise on the formula,” Dustin shook his head. “Young man, as long as there are green hills, you won’t run out of firewood to burn. If you die here, your precious formula won’t be of any use,” Hazel continued to persuade him. Why was this guy so stubborn, acting like a block of wood? Even when facing death, he wouldn’t yield. “I won’t die; he doesn’t have the ability to kill me,” Dustin said calmly. “You…” Hazel was a bit frustrated. Mark had dozens of people surrounding them, and he had a gun in his hand. Where did this guy in front of her get the confidence to say such things? “Miss Hazel, my patience is running out. It’s best for you not to interfere!” Mark’s eyes turned cold. Dustin’s unwavering attitude had already made him consider taking action. “Mr. Mark, why don’t we sit down and have a drink while we talk things over?” Hazel smiled, picked up two glasses of wine, and offered one to Mark. “Drink?!” Mark Walter was getting angrier and directly knocked the glass out of Hazel’s hand. With a loud crash, the glass shattered, and the wine spilled everywhere. Hazel was initially startled but quickly forced a smile. She took the initiative to step closer, gently placing her slender jade-like finger on Mark’s chest, and softly said, “Mr. Mark, calm down. Don’t harm your health. As long as you let my friend go, I promise I’ll give you a pleasant surprise tonight.”


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