Chapter 1352

Chapter 1352: Who is Tired of Living After saying this, she smiled seductively, with a hint of deeper meaning. “Hazel, if you want to play, I can accompany you slowly!” Mark grabbed Hazel’s wrist and grinned wickedly. “But before that, I need to handle this kid first. You just stand there quietly, don’t provoke my anger, or the consequences will be very serious.” “Mr. Mark, you’ve hurt me!” Hazel furrowed her brow and struggled forcefully a few times, but it was in vain. “You little seductress, weren’t you trying to seduce me? Tonight, I’ll grant your wish. Once I deal with this kid, I guarantee you’ll be in ecstasy!” Mark smirked, suddenly exerted force, and pulled Hazel into his arms, provocatively looking at Dustin. “Kid! Your relationship with this seductress must be quite special, huh? Judging by your scrawny arms and legs, you probably can’t satisfy her. But it’s okay; I’ll take good care of her for you, let her reach the clouds, desire heaven and death!” “Mr. Mark! Don’t act recklessly! I’m a member of the Lancaster family!” Hazel’s face changed. “So what if you’re from the Lancaster family? Today, I’ll force myself upon you. What can the Lancaster family do to me?” Mark’s arrogance knew no bounds. “You—!” Hazel was a mix of shock and anger. Mark Walter had immense power, and he had a powerful backer. If he really violated her, the Lancaster family might not dare to openly confront him. “Kid! I’ll ask you one last time, will you hand over the formula or not?” Mark held Hazel with one arm and raised his gun with the other. His eyes were fierce, and his expression was menacing. “First, I won’t give you the formula. Second, release Miss Hazel, or I’ll break your hand!” Dustin spoke coldly. As soon as he said this, the entire room erupted in astonishment. No one had expected that Dustin would be this audacious. Even when a gun was pointed at him, he spoke boldly. Did he have a death wish? “You brat! It seems like you’re tired of living!” Mark, unable to contain his anger, pulled the trigger, aiming the gun at Dustin’s thigh. “Bang!” The gunshot rang out, but the expected blood and screams did not follow because at the moment when Mark fired, Dustin suddenly moved. With one hand firmly gripping the gun barrel and the other clenching Mark’s throat, there was a heavy “thud” as Dustin pressed him forcefully against the wall. The tremendous force caused the wall to crack open in several places. Mark Walter emitted a muffled groan, feeling as though his bones were on the verge of shattering, and his internal organs had been jolted out of place. He was dizzy and overwhelmed by a nauseating sensation that was difficult to describe. Silence. The entire VIP lounge suddenly fell into a stunned hush. Everything had transpired so swiftly that the people in the vicinity hadn’t fully comprehended it. They had only perceived a blur before Dustin had Mark pinned against the wall. What was most astonishing was that Mark stood at nearly two meters tall, with a body covered in explosive muscles, resembling a bear in stature. On the other hand, Dustin was scrawny, resembling a frail cat. In terms of physique, the two were in entirely different leagues. But incredibly, Dustin, the frail cat, had managed to subdue Mark Walter, the colossal bear, using just one hand. The visual disparity left the onlookers dumbfounded. “Is having a gun supposed to make you impressive?” Dustin said coldly, clutching Mark’s throat with a single hand and slowly raising it above his head. He continued, “Now, who’s tired of living?”


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